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Lara Croft Could Be Coming Back Sooner Than You Think

Gamefocus.ca has found out that Square Enix has just trademarked the title for the next Tomb Raider game! (Industry, Tomb Raider)

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Vinc360  +   893d ago
I'm personally salivating at the idea. Loved the first one, with a couple key improvements this could be a landmark game next-gen!
BananaEatingSquid  +   893d ago
Me too!
unworthy15  +   893d ago
Def my case as well
abzdine  +   892d ago
they will make one Lara Croft a year and they will kill it sooner than you think just like they did before.
Games that come too soon is never a good sign!
MikeMyers  +   892d ago
Agreed. A little more puzzle solving that's harder to figure out and larger scale exploration. They did a good job with this one, some of the older games weren't very well done. The controls for one thing are good in this reboot.
Ares84HU  +   892d ago
Things they need to focus on:

1 - Being that this game is called Tomb Raider it should be about raiding tombs and looking for ancient artifacts.

2 - The main focus should be about puzzle solving, exploration and platforming NOT shooting!!!

3 - Do not make multiplayer in the next one, this one was horrible and it only takes resources away from the single player which should always be the main focus.
AKS  +   892d ago
I'd like to see a much better balance between shooting and puzzles/ exploration at least.

The area that needs the most improvement is difficulty. It's just way too easy. Also, the tombs tend to be incredibly simplistic and easy to just breeze through. I definitely want to see some considerably larger and more challenging tombs in the next game.
cannon8800  +   892d ago
I just hope they don't rush the game. I hope they put all the time and effort that was put in this recent release. We wouldn't want a "Call of Lara: Modern Croft" kind of game.
NastyLeftHook0  +   893d ago
good. i like uncharted and tomb raider.
Vinc360  +   893d ago
Yep, me too.
chukamachine  +   893d ago
Both Uncharted and Tombraider.

Good for adventure type fans, and tps.
Vinc360  +   893d ago
Yeah, I also love the exploration aspect of it, personally. I want that to be expanded upon in the sequel.
BananaEatingSquid  +   893d ago
BananaEatingSquid  +   893d ago
YES! The first one was amazing.
unworthy15  +   893d ago
I just hope this is next-gen
AKS  +   892d ago
Do you think they would be able to complete and release an entirely new Tomb Raider game before the end of this year? That would also make close to zero sense in terms of business. You have to space sequels out more than a few months apart.
unworthy15  +   893d ago
Oh and honestly I think it's just a guardian of light sequel

On second thought they said they weren't making one... hmm...
DeadlyFire  +   892d ago
I suspect DLC personally or smaller game like Guardian of light, but different.

Why? Tomb Raider isn't mentioned at all in this trademark. Its title Lara Croft: Reflections. :P
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Sharius  +   893d ago
just fix that goddamn shophocalic and promis never do this again and i'm yours
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   892d ago
I want to see the strong Lara Croft make a come back.


We got a little taste of the old Lara Croft (that sounds wrong) when she gets her twin pistols at the end of the reboot. Loved that bit, I was like yeahhhhh! :D lol
wenaldy  +   892d ago
Sequel is inevitable.


Trinity, Star Phenomenon
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As long as it's not another mediocre shooter Tomb Raider like the last one then good. Otherwise don't even bother.
Roper316  +   892d ago
That is great but after that they should go a few years maybe 3 or so between releases.

1 big thing they really need to add in is allowing Lara to shoot while hanging from a ledge or rope. I really noticed that was missing while playing through.

1 other minor issue and it more of a cosmetic / realism thing, when Lara is up in the mountains and the wind is blowing like 100 mph's and it's blizzard like conditions & she is wearing a tank top? Really she would be dead in minutes from hypothermia.
AKS  +   892d ago
I'd like to see them tone down the over-the-top stuff a bit so that it at least doesn't break immersion. Scaling the crumbling ruins with 100 winds tearing them apart, breaking apart just as Lara arrives, was a bit much to buy into. These ruins are centuries old and have slowly been eroding over time, but Lara just happens to encounter them at the moment that they disintegrate and fall off the mountainside? Yeah.

I expect outrageous circumstances just as I would in a blockbuster action movie, but it is possible to go too far overboard, and I think that happened quite a bit.

I still think the game is very good outside of the game not cooperating with my GPUs and imploding unless I disable tessellation.
inStereo  +   892d ago
Ha! I never thought about it that way - Lara showing up right when the ancient ruins happen to be falling apart - that's pretty funny, actually.
AKS  +   892d ago
Oops, I meant to say 100 mph winds.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   892d ago
I hope I can scissor in that one.
OWWO  +   892d ago
industry needs more games like uncharted and tomb raider..so this is a good move
KillrateOmega  +   892d ago
I'm definitely getting Reflections. They did an amazing job with the first one (Seriously, one of the best reboots to a franchise ever) and I hope that they can repeat the magic with the second installment.
Grimhammer00  +   892d ago
Coat needed in mountains! Agreed
Mountains falling apart as she arrived I attributed to the spoiler warning

The goddess spirit sensing she had found a true successor. She was magically salivating basically. Lol
Kos-Mos  +   892d ago
I`d rather not. The game was lifeless.
TheMutator  +   892d ago

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