GamesBeat: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows fights like Devil May Cry (preview)

The overall design for this newest take on the classic series reaches for the franchise's more gritty roots.

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AronDeppert2096d ago

I would've loved this game if I was only like 15 years younger.

fsfsxii2096d ago

The real Devil May Cry or the crappy gay DmC??

Sadie21002096d ago

I don't even recognize those guys in the picture above. Either they're trying too hard to make them look bad-ass, or I'm getting too old.

SybaRat2096d ago

Now if only it were in black and white, as turtles should be.

FamilyGuy2095d ago

I've never heard of Italian martial artist, I wonder why the originator chose Italian.

Then again, Rocky was italian and so was the karate kid, maybe it was just a 80s thing. Italians have always had this stereotypical tough-guy thing about them.