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Nate-Dog2041d ago

Hmm I hope they're not stretching themselves too thin by doing this. I know they have increased their team size (I think they about doubled it?) but this still sounds like a lot of work for them considering The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are going to be pretty large games. Look forward to seeing what they're doing though, at the moment they're the only Western developer I have any big interest in currently.

raytraceme2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

CDP has very good legs with the pc crowd. A lot of money is to be made from the pc with zero to 1 middleman. The witcher 2 soled a million plus copies of the game leaving them with a potential profit of a good $20 million+. CDP has really gotten my interest with cyberpunk. I'm not a big fan of witcher/skyrim type rpgs but I love cyberpunk's concept. I also am a staunch supporter of single player games so I will always support single player devs :)

Also that cyberpunk cgi DAMN!!!!! Can't wait to play that on my ps4/ PC if I get money for top end maxwell.

Also I hope cdp succeeds to become a big developer good luck to them.

DeadlyFire2041d ago

I say its funny that 20 hour games are considered "smaller games" Most games of this generation last about 10 hours at max.

Still though I expect these guys to be the studio to outmatch Bioware. They have a passion for their RPG product and it shows more so than EA-Bioware does for its projects.