Secret Feature of the DualShock 4 Controller?

PS3Center writes: "We have been salivating over the next gen PlayStation controller for weeks now, and came to a potentially significant discovery."

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The_Infected1614d ago

I think it will flip up because the touchpad is rounded off at the end like a hinge. I thought why is it like that soon as I seem it. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to notice this.

gaffyh1614d ago

There's also the possibility though that it may simply be a design quirk for the prototype controller. They may make it look different for the actual controller.

Peppino71614d ago

The coolness keeps on coming. Can't wait.

BluEx6101614d ago

Touch Pad is clickable, it has a left click and right click. And can use a 2 point touch system. Kind of like a Keyboard on a laptop. I can imagine LBP, or Modnations using this to draw Maps/Levels.

People would probably lose it when they're switching peripherals with this concept. And people don't want that shit to come apart from aggressive swiping. Would be cool if this had air tracking like the S4.

SolidStoner1613d ago

what if you can change touch pad with touch screen or something similar in future.. maybe sony is planing to use it for some unique games... I honestly cant imagine what can you connect to it, it could be anything......

LackTrue4K1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

its just part of the designed....the touch pad is NOT gana be removable. that would be pointless, and more $ on making/developing the controller.

I have an open imagination and all, but the function is all there....unless it can be swapped out of a screen/camera/toaster?!

"touch pad on the controller/placement could not be better"

Donnieboi1614d ago

It would be better in the back (far gaming at least) since i wont need to take my thumbs off of the analog sticks/face buttons just to also use the touch screen. Think about it.

ZoyosJD1614d ago

Idk, it could be a replaceable Lithium Ion battery pack as well.

But, even my oldest controller still has a 12+ hr battery life though, so I doubt that.

Even so, it would be nice for when I have multiple people over using all the controllers.

Nah, they just need 8 USB ports. JK.

kaozgamer1614d ago

you can swap it out for a george foreman grill

AzaziL1613d ago

That would be nice to be able to swap in a small lcd that can display all the data from typical UI and be able to play a game with no overlays.

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sinncross1614d ago

I assumed it was like that because the touchpad also functioned as a clickable button.

GiggMan1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

And with it rounded at the top you could also click with your index fingers possibly...

Rhythmattic1614d ago

Did anyone think the curl , overlap at the back is so the light for "move" functionality doesn't shine directly into your eyes?

Just a thought.

PSVita1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I'd make sense to have it be removable if you want a keyboard instead. I like that ideat hope it's true.

FamilyGuy1614d ago

No, just.. no.

It looks like that because it's a clickable button, end of story.

Foolsjoker1614d ago

It has been already confirmed, the touch pad IS click able. Lame Article.

dumahim1613d ago

Yeah, I noticed that right away too. Seemed odd that the top would be rounded off like that and it seemed like there was a seam between it and the rest of the controller. Big question is, why would it flip up? That'll be interesting to find out.

Kennytaur1613d ago

Did it not cross your mind that it allows you to use your index fingers on the back?

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IronFist1614d ago

It looks like a stupid design, how can a touchpad that small be useful in any way.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1614d ago

surfing the web browser on PS4 ?
like I do now on my laptop

gaffyh1614d ago

Not really a gameplay feature though. Would be cool, but I would prefer something more substantial.

_QQ_1613d ago

so just as a gimmick then.

Skynetone1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

angry birds, and good for flicking through the phone in gta, most of the menus on the ps4 might use it, they could of course just use it as an extra button in some games

flyingmunky1614d ago

It is really up to developers to utilize it and make it appealing for us. I just hope that it doesn't get the same stigma as the 6 axis did. Barely any dev made use of the 6 axis function in the ps3 controller, probably due to how we responded to early games like Lair.

PSVita1614d ago

You could use it to write or drawn like scribblenauts.

HiGwA1613d ago

C'mon dude, use your brain...
1) controlling your cell phone in games like Watch Dogs or GTAV
2) Uses in RTS menu Navigation.
3) Quicker weapon switching in FPS games ( quick directional swipes get you to your eight carried weapons).

I can think of all sorts of functionality for this... You sound like the iPhone trolls of 2007 saying that the touch screen keyboard was a "Stupid Design"

_QQ_1613d ago

1)it's not a screen so i don't see how it would help control your cellphone in watchdogs, plus its too small for that.
2)consoles don't have any RTS games, good ones at least, plus if they did, playing on the controller's tiny touchpad would be worse than gaming on a laptop,
3) pressing one button is faster than swiping a touch pad.
PS4 will be awesome but lets face it, the touchpad is a useless gimmick.

HiGwA1613d ago

1. The type of control I'm talking about is "Gesture Based" if the screen of the phone is on the TV screen, you could easly swipe through your phone options while still driving (unlike GTA VI which used the dpad for such navigation forcing you to take your finger off the Left analog stick).
2. RTSs suck on consoles because of the user interface (the controller), but I see your point on the size, I would have to use it first to draw a conclusion.
3. Think about the rotary menues of games like FarCry 3, rather than having a pop-up menu with a button press and using the analog stick to choose your option, imagine no button press and a swipe in the direction of the desired weapon... You never get pulled out of the game to go into a menu...

I can't conclude on the usefulness and functionality of the touch screen until I use it, and yes, the PS4 will be awesome.

Persistantthug1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

unlimited extra virtual buttons.....

How about that?

_QQ_1613d ago

agreed, it will just end up being used as extra are a brave man though, criticising sony on N4G.

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GribbleGrunger1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I've said this from the first showing of the new controller and until now I was the ONLY person saying it. Damn it, I knew I should have written an article about this.

MikeMyers1614d ago

Yup, I remember. Props to you. I still think it could be something like the Apple Trackpad.