5 Things Wrong with Saints Row IV

This article is dedicated to the true fans of the Saints Row series; the fans that have played the game since the beginning and the fans that realize how dramatic of a change the series took from who they were. This article is for those of you who would never dare call Saints Row a knock off of Grand Theft Auto and for the fans that are now feeling betrayed by the game they once dedicated themselves to. If this does not describe you and you jumped on the band wagon after Saints Row: The Third advertisements this article will more likely offend you than anything; so there is no need for you to keep reading. Volition sided with their new fans to gain profit. That was not a stupid choice for the company just a deceiving move to those of you that helped the company get to where they are today. For all of the fans that this does apply to; we are sorry for your loss. Also beware that this article will contain spoilers for Saints Row (1), Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.

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TheSuperior 1948d ago

Everything is worng with it. I hate every little thing about it. Volition is one dumb development team; ill tell you that much.

No true fan is going to throw down 60 dollars for that joke of a game.

Root1948d ago

It's not even a sequel...they are trying to make you pay the price of a full game when all it's basicaly an expansion/DLC. I mean they are taken the DLC they announced last year and even if they added more stuff onto it it's still only a year and a few months development.

Then there's the fact it's taken the over the top gameplay too far. When you think they could go back to what SR2 was like they decided to make it even worse.

They could of done a reboot after the buyout to start fresh but they missed their chance.

MoveTheGlow1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Deep Silver. That's what's wrong with it.

Although, knowing them, the game will have absolutely nothing to do with this trailer, so maybe I'll be dead wrong and this will be awesome!

I remember when Volition made games like Freespace 2... you poor guys. Who's left from that original team? Well... at least a small group of them, because they would still COMMIT MURDER TO MAKE FREESPACE 3:

Saints Row 3 looked, from the outset, like some silly metagame, and it kinda was. It was fun. This one doesn't seem to have any of that self-awareness if the ad is any clue. It looks like every target demographic cliche, sprayed on screen to Generic 2000's Rock Tune, gratuitously stuffed with Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Hufandpuf1948d ago

Damn, what's with the disagrees? I just wanted to know his opinion. N4G can be the worst sometimes.

PopRocks3591948d ago


I'm not saying I agree or disagree with anyone who does not like the way this game is looking, but how do you speak for "true fans" of Saints Row?

Derekvinyard131948d ago

I do agree with you, but this one looks a lot better then 3, still a joke of a game but better the 3. They don't change the formula they just add more stuff they think is funny, personally I HATED THAT GUY WITH THE SYNTHESIZED VOICE IN #3 omg I wanted to kill him so annoying!

xnesbittx1948d ago

it'll get my mind off the seriousness of games and prepare me fore gta v august 23...3 weeks before gta v it'll keep me busy till then ;)

ziggurcat1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

they better add more dildo bats for cliffy b.

@ disagree - clearly you missed the rant he went on about the dildo bats in that game (probably because he's homophobic).

Rockefellow1948d ago

Oh, it's not that they missed his infamous rant and Rubin's response. Your comment just wasn't funny at all. Sorry pal!

black9111948d ago

It's being released too soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.