Dead Space 3: 5 Ways To Improve The Sequel

"Dead Space 3 has been a bit of hit and miss with gamers. While it does maintain some identity in relation to the old games, steadily the Dead Space series has been moving away from its initial survival horror roots" |

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Derekvinyard131977d ago

Think the new one got canned, read it somewhere around here

DeltaCanuckian1977d ago

Nope, EA said that was false within hours of the original story. No company is going to come out and say something is 100% false as adamantly as they did unless they mean it.

yeahokchief1977d ago

EA pretty much wanted to pull the plug on it I think.

Anything that doesn't pull CoD numbers is a waste of money in their minds.

Ares84HU1977d ago

Less shooting, less amo, absolutely no weapon customization. Less monsters more scares.

Alos881977d ago

The weapon customization was ok, I don't think that in itself made the game less scary imo, agree with everything else though.

MEsoJD1977d ago

I liked the weapon customization. The franchise was never scary to me so I would take more choice, suit customization, and even more diverse enemies. Personally the sci-fi tech in the game is what always interested me the most.

seanpitt231977d ago

This is the last one, There was going to make another but due to poor sales EA has cancelled development on the 4th instalment.

DeltaCanuckian1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

EA already said that was a load of crap. Not just that, the game sold over 600k copies in it's first month. Those are not bad sales, especially since sales in the gaming industry are down across the board.

joab7771977d ago Try making this one scary like the first one. Love the no HUD etc. for immersion when u r playing a survival horror game. I hope they got the hint that they destroyed a marvelous IP...its sad too.

Roper3161977d ago

well if EA had left it alone instead or turning into another cover shooter with a forced AI partner I am sure it would have sold better. Heck I would have bought it if they had left the original DS formula alone.

DeltaCanuckian1977d ago

There's no forced AI partner. If you play it solo, you're alone, Carver barely appears.

Roper3161977d ago

well they didn't express that very well, all I saw was RE5 in space from all the previews / videos prior to launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.