Dragon's Crown screenshots

Take a look at some beautiful screenshots from Dragon's Crown.

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sinncross1950d ago

this game needs to release asap :)

DaThreats1950d ago

Looking to be a killer app.

miyamoto1949d ago

M$ can have Sgea's Guradian Heroes HD all they want. I played the Saturn Version so I am good.

Dragon's Crown will be mine!!!

SolidDuck1950d ago

I'm really excited for this game, I loved Odin sphere.

r211950d ago

Odin Sphere had one of the most stunning animations I've ever seen on the PS2, which is why Im looking forward to Dragon's Crown :D

miyamoto1949d ago

Then I must download it now from PSN!

P45cal1950d ago

Dat Ass! At this point im thinking devs are just postponing the relese because of the us sales and maybe an upcoming price drop...but who knows. :/

1950d ago
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