Is It Better To Be Realistic Or Happy?

"Even in times of hardship, when life is a fight and achievements are few and small, even then people dream and hope and wish for better days.

"It is part of the magic of any medium of entertainment, to let the audience escape their world, and their troubles. Even if it’s only for a little while." - Jake Woolf (Gaming Like A Sir Columnist)

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Linsolv1893d ago

I'm a big believer that games should evoke strong emotional reactions from players.

Most game designers and writers are not capable of making happy, emotionally effecting stories. If they could, then sure.

Talamak1893d ago

Good read,it's hard to be happy nowadays because of the realities of injustice, manipulation, and exploitation, but perhaps "games" and other entertaining mediums survive these hard times for a reason....

unchartedxplorer1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I prefer a balance between the two. It can be realistic enough to evoke emotions but can be happy enough to make me smile.

toxic-inferno1893d ago

I personally think there should be a clear divide between the two. I'm not saying that games can't be both realistic and happy, but I think it's important to have games that focus heavily on both aspects.

There's nothing wrong with invariantly happy games, like LittleBigPlanet, if that's what you're in the mood for. But emotionally striking games are important to the industry, especially during this time when the gaming medium is making the transition into mainstream media. It is important for games to be able to provide that sense of realistic, gritty storytelling that is so prominent in books and films these days.

americanman11893d ago

just ask the video game media, the sony and micro soft fans. they want to be happy than live in reality!!! NINTENDO IS DOOMED THEY SAY!! that makes us happy!! but the reality is the wii u has sold better than what the ps3 AND 360 HAVE SOLD when they first debuted. but that do not care, they do not want reality, they want happy thoughts of Nintendo failing, gloom and doom, but see smart people know reality. Nintendo is doing good, not like the wii, but not bombing, but what ever helps pachter and the fanboys sleep at night.. SEGA FAILED, because they did not have a Zelda, Mario, Mario kart, smash bros., Metroid, wii fit u, Donkey Kong country, you know games that sell millions, everytime Nintendo releases, them. just ask the 3ds, it was doom and gloom, but here came Zelda, Mario, Mario kart, pokemon, and kid ikarus, and sorry vita, but the 3ds, is the dominate hand held... wait until these titles come to the wii u, they WILL SELL SYSTEMS and software, they always do.. when has Zelda, smash bros, Mario and Mario kart, when have they ever bombed???
NEVER!! AND they will not bomb on the wii u either, FACT, NOT AN OPINION!!! and the haters will say, how do you know about games that have not come out yet?
Nintendo fans will buy, them plain and simple. the haters do not make up the mind of millions of Nintendo fans. when the games come, they will buy them, they have in the past for the nes, super nes, n64, gamecube, wii, Gameboy, gba, the ds, the 3ds, and the wii u WILL BE NO DIFFERENT. facts are facts, the wii u versions of these games will sell, Nintendo maybe number one again, or they may come in third, but the reality is NINTENDO IS NOT SEGA, SONY AND MICROSOFT WILL FAIL, BEFORE NINTENDO EVER WILL! so go ahead haters what ever makes you happy! live in fantasy world! I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN REALITY.. no matter where Nintendo finishes, first, second, or third. The reality is Nintendo will last, after 100 years ,they are still going strong!! so go a ahead haters be happy! reality is where I choose to live and reguardless of WHAT YOU THINK.. IT'S NOT UP TO YOU OR PACHTER, TO WHETHER NINTENDO SURVIVES, that's up to the Nintendo fans, look at the numbers, wii u has done better than ps3 and 360, than when they first launched.
but wait reality interferes with your happiness, too bad, in the end it will be Nintendo fans will have the best of both worlds, happiness and reality.

aliengmr1893d ago

Whatever point you were trying to make was lost behind that wall-o-text you call a post.

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