Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Character List

"We wanted to share the list of character from dissidia as well as a description for each. The complex worlds of final fantasy come together in dissidia. Just when you thought the story was over another one rises. This time with a twist. Those who you thought were good are actually on the dark side interestedly enough.
Chaos and cosmos have an interesting relationship. Not only that but how each character interacts with each other knowing that they are from other worlds makes it much more of a bang."

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TheLyonKing1985d ago

Laguna F**K yeah though would have been cool to see Ward or Kiros aswell.

Square will have to pump vann up to compete with these guys he is such a little girl that I bet LuLu could throw her moogle toy at him and make him cry.

ACFRADIO1985d ago

hahaha yeah I am not a fan of FF 12 either. The battle system sucks and Vaan was not the most exciting protagonist