CryEngine 3 Meets The Stone Age In Free-To-Play Multiplayer Action Game, ‘Stone Rage’

Mountainwheel Games is working on a Stone Age multiplayer action game, set to divide players into three teams: humans, neanderthals, and prehistoric beasts.

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claud31956d ago

looks ok i guess, nothing jumping out at me

Reverent1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

They shouldn't really be showing off the game yet then, should they? (Regardless, I do think the game is looking very good)

Also, the video the site shows is months old.

Spenok1955d ago

That's very true.

However, in my opinion, if a developer is going to show off a game in such an early state, they should either show you something enticing, OR promise something.

I am reserving my judgement on this game, as I do with every game before it is released. But my first thoughts are as follows:

Bland environments, BROWN everything, awful animations, and terrible pop-in (of foliage mostly.)

Again, I know this is pre-alpha footage, so I wont expect just about any of these to be the case when it hits Beta or even final launch.

But this trailer did nothing but make me uninterested in the game. Here's hoping this game turns out awesome though. I always love a good fantasy game.

ATi_Elite1955d ago

Very Nice Environment and great graphics even for Pre-Alpha.

I also like the concept of Cave Man combat. Currently LOVING Chivalry Medieval Warfare as it's a nice BREAK from FPS overload.

Lots of people here not impressed.....yet they all play COD. Go Figure!!

(They are impressed but since it's for PC they gotta put on an act...typical fanboy crap)

Keep up the good work!

Kamikaze1351956d ago

That camera is higher than Snoop Dogg

Derekvinyard131955d ago

Lmao that camera is so high it almost looks like there just trying to show the environment more then the game itself

DoomeDx1955d ago

Good job copying a youtube comment

Reverent1955d ago

How did he copy that comment? He said that 4 hours ago. The guy on youtube that said it, said it only an hour ago.

h3rcules1955d ago

To answer some of your questions/comments here.

This is very, very early footage. Mountainwheel just put it together to show off the visual concept of what they're aiming for.

"Brown everything"'ve only seen one level in the video. Look at the indieDB page, there are screenshots of a snow level, too.

Kamikaze1351955d ago

The graphics look nice, but to be honest, it's nothing special. I'd rather wait till there are people, monsters, and more animations being shown before I'm impressed.