Hackers Find F-Zero AX Arcade Game Hidden In Nintendo Gamecube's F-Zero GX

RetroCollect - In 2003 Nintendo released the highly anticipated follow up to their futuristic racing series with F-Zero GX. Upon release, the game also sped into the arcades with F-Zero AX, an adapted version of the game. Although it was assumed these were different games, the arcade game has been found sat dormant within F-Zero GX and is very much accessible.

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Ilovetheps41901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

That's pretty cool. I love when people find stuff like this hidden in a game. I still remember the day I saw a video on how to play as Master Hand in Melee. That wasn't found out for quite a few years after the game was out.

Rockefellow1901d ago

Yeah, it still blows me away that it took almost a decade for someone to find that Master Hand glitch. Then again, they may never have found it-- it wasn't exactly easy to do.

supersonicjerry1901d ago

Exactly I wonder what they were doing to find out that glitch like what made them do that.

mcstorm1901d ago

Amazing game, hope we get a new one for the wiiu

OpenGL1901d ago

I just so happen to own both this game and an Action Replay, might have to check this out.

Jamaicangmr1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Pretty cool but this has got to be the slowest hack ever. Well then again its a gamecube game so i guess no1 really cared that much.

I'm just playing but yea this is some kinda late.

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