New screenshots of Metal Gear Online

Konami released a bunch of new screenshots of Metal Gear Online.

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Bleucrunch3911d ago

Yo I will be sleepin on the street to be the first in line april 1st so I can reserve two copies of the game, get the metal gear saga 2.0 dvd and last but not least get the code for the online can believe that!

BigKev453911d ago

Sorry day for news so far.

cr33ping_death3911d ago

nice "off topic" comment there buddy.

mighty_douche3911d ago

Who's up for making a clan then....

timmyp533911d ago

But who ever starts the N4G clan should make it official over in the N4G forums, so we can know they leader and etc.

Syko3911d ago

I'm down. I am sure we will get it together on the forums.

fenderputty3911d ago



I also play COD4 and used to play Warhawk/Resistance until COD4 entered my life. RFOM2 and KZ2 will be games that I play this year over the PSN as well. Look me up.

GrimWarrior3911d ago

This one alone is a reason to buy the PS3!!!

...which I will be doing soon... :p

ps360s3911d ago

I brought the PS3 when it first release here (UK) because I knew this day will come :P


HeartlesskizZ3911d ago

MGO= More Gaming Online =P / I wont let this game go ever =D

Anego Montoya FTMFW3911d ago

saying to MART, i thought price cuts were a sign of DESPERATION.


Bill Gates3911d ago

I guess I'm the first one to be released into the streets first. I got sentenced to 30 days a long time ago. I only have a few more days to go, and it's back on the comments section to continue to educate the BABOONS.....HAHAHAHHAHAHHA

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The story is too old to be commented.