EA Refuses to Refund User for SimCity, Threatens Account Ban

GC: "SimCity is having issues right now and majority of people are unable to play the game."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1780d ago

Here's a quick fix. Don't buy EA games anymore. Put the hurt on them because the things they do are stupid and not right just like the Microtransactions.

zeal0us1780d ago

Damn didn't think EA would go all HammerPoint(WarZ developers) on its customers.

Merrill1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

No respect for its customers, I really hope EA falls hard off that high horse it has sat its self upon.

BattleAxe1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

With the way EA does business, we should be seeing a THQ type of auction a few years from now. There no way a company can be so stupid with their franchises like MoH and Dead Space, and treat their customers like crap, and continue to stay viable.

Gamer19821779d ago

Why because they refuse to give a refund they are a terrible developer?? Sorry but its a digital game and the game has a few teething problems at launch and thats no excuse for asking for a refund. It's not like it's a completely unusable game for the foreseeable future. People are just so arrogant these days and take things too far. I' not saying EA are a great company or anything here but sometimes I think there reputation gives people a reason to go OTT on them and its completely unfair like in this instance.

I read the transcript and EA are in there right to hold back a refund. I mean they even offered him a 15% discount off a game for the trouble. They didn't even have to do that. They could have just said wait it out. The issues will be fixed within a couple of days. We wait months and sometimes years for releases whats wrong with waiting a couple more days?

God sometimes I hate being called a gamer as I get put in a group of moaners and whiners like that.

xBigxBossx1779d ago

Hammerpoint shouldn't refund you 15 bucks. War Z is a great game, does it have flaws? Yes. But only people who have recently played that game should have something to say. They are always improving the experience. And for 15 bucks I'm more satisfied then my last 2 AAA purchases for 60 bucks

irepbtown1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I don't want EA to go bust (as much as I hate them) as they do have great games such as Battlefield, Dead Space and so on.

What everyone needs to do is continue to expose their 'stupidness' and let the whole world know the crap they do to their own customers.

#PS - Gamer1982

You've missed the point, they PROMISED a refund if someone wasn't happy with the game. This Adrian chap then REFUSES this PROMISE made by EA.

That's what the main problem is.

grifter0241779d ago

Gamer1982- How is that NOT an excuse to ask for a refund, hell when is a refund considered an "Excuse," In the first place?

The person asking for a refund was unsatisfied with a product and wanted a refund, I have no idea where you got the whole "He doesn't deserve one," Crap comes from outside of you making stuff up.

I also like how useless CS really is and this shows it, the only thing the CS kept saying was "Sorry, anything else I can help you with, sorry, I can't refund you, yes you can file a refund, I can't refund you, sorry."

EA is an embarrassment and the only devs that get bought out by them already know if their next game doesn't sell 2 billion copies well they are getting fired.

ZombieNinjaPanda1779d ago

Gamers are an quite an amazing bunch. The only group of consumers that advocate AGAINST fellow consumers being able to return the product they PURCHASED with their money. Further fueled and brainwashed by these big corporations, people such as Gamer1982 are doing more damage to the video game industry then ever helping.

rainslacker1779d ago


If a game is unplayable when you spend your money on it then it is reasonable to ask for a refund. The consumer is the one that supported the product, but if they are having troubles through no fault of their own, then why should they just wait it out in the interest of supporting the company making the product?

Asking for a refund sends a clear message that people aren't going to support half-assed efforts, and it is a consumers responsibility to vote with their wallets and make their feelings known so that these companies can act accordingly in the future.

It's reasonable to expect that there would be "teething" problems with the game due to it's always online BS, but not to the degree that has been reported already. Those kinds of things should have been worked out already. This kind of thing shouldn't have happened with Diablo III and it shouldn't have happened here. Both SimCity and Diablo are huge franchises that sell millions of copies, and as such the developers and publishers should have been ready for the game on release. It is not up to the consumer to wait it out, it's up to the publisher to have the game ready when they said they would.

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delboy1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Yeah EA is evil, everyone on the net hates them, but still EA makes billions.
Sad thing is, this is no fairytale, this is real world and in real world evil wins.
So EA will prevail!

CommonSenseGamer1779d ago

What utter nonsense. You sound like George W. Bush going on about evil doers.

BLAKHOODe1779d ago

Considering the state of the world right now and how it seems almost daily that we Americans are losing more and more "freedom" due to the evil acts of others, EVIL has been winning. That's the way of the world.

EA will jump back from this, because we will always support them. We'll huff and puff about them constantly and say we'll never buy another EA product, but then they'll release another Madden and hook, line and sinker we'll bite again. That's just how it goes. Otherwise, EA would've been dead a long time ago. Nobody takes the internet complainers seriously, because we don't take our complaints serious.

shadowraiden1779d ago

actually if their from UK they can ask for a refund and EA can do nothing about it due to consumer laws we have in place as so what if it works in 2 weeks from now that isnt acceptable by any trading rights organisations if they release it then it should work as soon as the person gets it home if not then they are well within rights to ask for a refund.

its people like you that make it acceptable for companies like EA to continue these kind of practices.

Cam9771779d ago

If I do I'll make sure they're used. SOMEBODY SHOULD START A LAWSUIT!

ziggurcat1779d ago

@ kratos_kills

again with the crying about micro-transactions...

please offer a valid reason how these things affect the core content of the game or restrict you from accessing everything that's already on the disc.

because they don't do either of those things.

Valenka1779d ago

Amen. I refuse to purchase any PC game from EA any longer - The Sims 3 has been basically unplayable for me even though I exceed the system requirements. I'll only buy an EA game if it's Dragon Age, Mass Effect-ish (since the actual series has ended) and perhaps the sequel to Mirror's Edge - ALL preowned, therefore EA will not get money from me.

T21775d ago

Dragon age 2 was pretty bad u sure u want another?

yeahokchief1779d ago

Everyone of the last 4 articles i've read about EA have people saying to stop buying EA games. What the hell are you people all smoking?

it's like you like being abused or something.

Stop buying them or stop complaining.

konohashin1779d ago

There is a better fix PIRATE EA GAMES. Why? Because you can still play the games without any of the "legal versions" problems.

You can play games offline, you never have to register etc etc.

And older games that need a disk can be played with no cd cracks.

Sucitta1779d ago

I can do this = ) with exception to battlefield.

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animegamingnerd1780d ago

M$, sony, and nintendo fanboys each of you may hate two of the big 3 console manufacturers but we can all agree EA is 10000000000000000 times worse

Root1780d ago

I think Activision is, in my opinion, still worse then EA....just Activision are so known for what they do now and keep a low profile that we don't bother with them anymore.

I could play an EA game but not an Activision one.

PopRocks3591780d ago

What's Activision guilty of exactly? Milking? Their customer service was generally helpful to me when I was still playing Guitar Hero games.

EA is a bigger scumbag company to me. They've had as many shady business practices as Activision, if not more. Their lousy treatment of Bioware doesn't help that.

shackdaddy1780d ago

I would agree to that a year ago, but Activision isnt really that bad anymore. I mean, they still milk their CoD games but that's really just about the only thing they do.

Ea on the other hand has gotten waaaaaay worse.

Root1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Yeah but guys they quality of most of their games....sorry, nearly all of their games are below average. Least with EA you can still get the odd good one, like for example, Mirrors Edge.

I'm not defending EA, they are trash but I'm just saying you could still get a better experience playing the odd game from them then from Activision which are either below average games or COD while it's the same game over and over.

Cupid_Viper_31780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

F*cking take them to court!!!!

I've just about had it with them.

I have a few new slogans for them matter of fact:

1.MicroTransactions..It's in the game(troll face)
2 EA Sports..BIG crooks.
3 EA: NO DICE...
4 Microtransactions...Pa dap pap pap pahh because you're lovin' it!
5. Microtransactions R'US
6. and My personal Favorite: Battefield: BAD COMPANY <<<<<< See what I did there?

SilentNegotiator1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

"Yeah but guys they quality of most of their games....sorry, nearly all of their games are below average"

OH MY GOODNESS That's a thousand times worse than EA's games not working!!!

You not liking their games isn't worse than the BS anti-consumer crap that EA has done.

Dee_911779d ago

Console games are just the tip of the ice bird. The sims 3 on pc is still a complete mess after this many years,The new EP doesnt even work for most people.So many modders in the community have to fix problems EA should be fixing.
Sad but I still buy their games.. One day I will be so fed up and abandon them like I did with their sports games

Gamer19821779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Activision are the devil they ban your WoW account for buying gold if somebody tells them you bought it just while they "investigate it" they unban it when they find you havn't been buying gold. No time refunded for the inconvenience or anything. They have the cheek to charge you a monthly fee then BAN you from your account while they investigate it.. No initial proof just while they check it out which can take upto a week. You get ZERO compensation other than a "your account is unbanned with found nothing wrong" email.

Activision stealing money for years..

Oh and lets not forget increasing the price of COD by an extra $10/£10 compared to other games right?? Because its SUCH a better game.. *insert sarcasm*

farhad2k81779d ago

I'm sorry Root, but CoD STILL doesn't ask for an online pass. As bad as the franchise may be, it doesn't ask you to buy a stupid ass online pass.
Activision may be horrible, but EA are 10x worse.

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FlameBaitGod1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Activision = milking and being super cheap. Copy pasting textures to newer cod games. Have the #1 FPS, selling over 9 mil copies YET!, they cant give us dedicated servers and a glitch free games.

Yukicore1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I don't like Activision for that too, but it's the peoples fault, not theirs. As long as people keep buying, they keep making. And so they also can ask more money for their services, and people still buy.

I honestly don't know how this Call of Duty crap has lasted so long and still is going. And it probably won't end anytime soon. :P

2pacalypsenow1779d ago

There's no such thing as a glitch free multiplayer game.
And Valve ban people for disputing charges too

Rainstorm811779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )


Sony will ban your account if you dispute digital charges as well , they WILL refund you but your account will be banned....pretty much the same situation

But EA is the big bad wolf of the industry right now.....not that I condone what is happening with SimCity right now but this is exactly why I didn't get the game...this dumbass DRM was announced before release and with my unreliable Comcast Internet I can't rely on constant connection to play a single player game.

A SimCity was one of my anticipated games this year....oh well, looks like I made the right choice

rainslacker1779d ago

Same here rainStorm. I was eagerly awaiting this game when it was announced, as SimCity is by far one of my favorite game series. Each one I've spent countless hours on with the original game and the subsequent expansion packs. Then they say it will be always on-line and my interest went to zero in a second.

Having played this series since the first it was a real disappointment, particularly since the "reasons" they listed for it having to be always online are things I generally mostly hate anyways. I have no problem with authenticating DRM schemes so long as it's invisible, but requiring to connect to play just doesn't work for me.

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dennett3161780d ago

Exactly. Say what you will about Activision, but they screw the consumer WAY less than EA.

Less online passes.
Less micro transactions (so far anyway).
Fewer server shutdowns that disable online play.

They seem to take it in turns when it comes to most hated company though, so we'll see what shit Activision pulls next to give EA a break.

tommygunzII1779d ago

Activision only fell off of the map because they can't make games. They got lucky with CoD and WoW but I dont see them as a major threat in the future.

I am surprised EA hasn't fallen flat on its face yet though.

Omni-Tool1779d ago

They do have Bungie's Destiny going live or should be going live around the time PS4 launches. I'm sure something is bound to happen when something major likes this goes live.

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Root1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Why did they even make SimCity online only anyway. I would of bought it if it wasn't always online

Hell they should bring it to consoles, I'm sure they could find a way to do it.


Wow, reading through that forum there is a lot of EA White Knights....

Came across this though about stuff which has been cut from past Sim City games

"laying pipes
power lines
terraforming your plot
the lack of options. 8 regions? Only a few of them are 16 slots? Laaaaame
no agriculture
the multiplayer meta game is a joke"

Really...they cut all that stuff out.....why

Why do something which takes a step back for the franchise.

Smurf11780d ago

It's amazing how many people would defend EA. If you paid £40 for a game, it has to work day 1.

PooEgg1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

It is true for every gamer that is fed up with EA they have another who will defend them.

If you say EA is greedy, they will make you feel cheap.

If you say EA's games are broken, and most of them are, they will point you towards mods, or claim that it isn't really a big deal, so you should STFU and stop acting entitled.

It is brainwashing at its finest.

HammadTheBeast1780d ago

And cities are small as hell to "promote specialization". Sim City wasn't meant to be like this.

f7897901779d ago

I bet that stuff will be DLC. You know, because the devs didn't have time. *sarcasm*

Stupid casual gamers will pay up for this shit. It's not going to end.

Dee_911779d ago

haha exactly what I was gonna say, They cut so much stuff out of The Sims 3 that was in Sims 2 to only add it later in EP's or SP's,..

capnjoe2171779d ago

Screw that. Simcity 2000, 6 bucks at

Hassassin1779d ago

Sounds really tempting to buy it again... I can't seem to find my old CD's

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WeAreLegion1780d ago

Well, I'm going to get some hate for this...

...but I own and play Surviving High School on my phone. (Android) It's an EA game. I purchased the "remove ads" feature. The ads are still there. I also purchased season three...and it refuses to download. I should have waited. Other people started reporting the same issue. EA hasn't responded to anyone for over a year about the game, yet the team continues to make content. EFF. THEM.

porkChop1780d ago

Get in touch with the Google Play customer service. EA has sold you 2 products that do not work as advertised, the Google Play staff will likely be able to help you.

WeAreLegion1779d ago

Awesome. :) Thank you!

(This is why I love Google.)

Robotronfiend1779d ago

Yeah def contact Google Play. Also, the same goes for buying content off's app store. If the developer won't respond, they will. I had an issue with a virtual currency purchase and amazon stepped in and fixed it (almost like an arbitrator). The app market owners know if you aren't happy with a sale, you won't buy as much in the future.

mynameisEvil1779d ago

By the way, don't love Google either. Google is a company that is trying to monopolize everything at a cheap cost, thereby giving you a crap service. And, of course, nobody would have the money to go up against Google, anyway.

Google screwed over YouTube. And they hand over your search information, sent-received email to the US government. They are a huge corporation. And there's not a single good corporation out there. It's about the money. Don't you forget that. It'll make it easier to accept it when you get screwed later. :)

vega2751780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

A part of me wants to feel sorry for all these people going thru the problems with this game. but another part feels like these people should have known better then to get in bed with EA expecting not to get burned.

after reading many of the post from the forum. many of the people should have done research on the game before they purchased it. they would have known stuff was cut from the game and would be re-sold as DLC later. if people didn't learn this from ME3.

this was one of the main reasons why i wouldn't buy this game. EA has proven time and time again that they are the worst. i hope this is a lesson learned