Crystal Dynamics Studio Head Discusses New Lara Croft

Darryll Gallagher, head of Crystal Dynamics, has been charged with re-imagining one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Thanks in part to Angelina Jolie, most people out there, including millions who have never played Tomb Raider, know the name Lara Croft. Gamers have been playing the Tomb Raider games for decades, so rebooting the franchise was a huge undertaking. Gallagher talks about what’s in store with this brand new Tomb Raider adventure in this exclusive interview.

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TuxedoMoon2107d ago

This is a nice insight into the game. Can't wait to play it!

creHEARTive2107d ago

great interview. Lara is a video game legend is about time she has a game that is worthy of her.

KrisK2107d ago

From all the reviews, it seems like the over the top violence can take something away from the emotional experience. Need to play and see myself.