Retro Friday: Great arcade games no one played

One of the best things about the old arcades and corner shops of the 80s and 90s was the awesome variety of games on offer. It wasn't just a case of being able to choose between playing a shoot-'em-up or a beat-'em-up, it was also that the selections tended to cross time as well.

MWEB GameZone takes a stroll down the arcade game memory lane

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Choc_Salties1910d ago

I played that Golden Axe version! Only played it briefly though - I was still traumatized regarding the sheer amount of money I shelled out to play the original, that one Sunday morning...

HanCilliers1910d ago

i stole money to play! I r ashamed

DesVader1910d ago

Golden Axe FTW! Man, loved that game too, but I didn't play this sequel. Clearly where I was in the world, we didn't get it otherwise I also would have pumped a ton of cash into it.

DesVader1910d ago

What games do you miss most from Arcades? Mine are Ghost and Goblins, Moon Patrol (first game I evern finished), Mortal Kombat, Time Crysis, Terminator, Afterburner, Pacman, Asteroids and Outrun