WiiWareWave review: F-Zero (Wii U VC)

The reviewer always wanted Virtual Console SNES titles to be in native resolution and it's finally here on Wii U

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t0mmyb0y1998d ago

It's $0.30. Give it 10/10 :P

RAFFwaff1998d ago

taken on its own merits in full 16bit glory, eye-searingly fast and hard as nails opponents id give it a 9. thats completely reinforced by it only being 30p! #snesclassic

keisarinn1998d ago

Just bought it and played. At first I was shocked by the shite graphics, which I thought were amazing back in the SNES days. After a little while the graphics really didn't bother me and I loved the game like before.

I for one find unlockables insanely annoying and a cheap way to extend games, so I´m glad there really aren't any.

For .30$ it's a 10/10 for me. I´ll be finishing it all the way yet again.