The Myth of the “Open Platform”

VGR: Outside of the PC and certain, less scrupulous parts of iOS and Android marketplaces (read: jailbroken apps), there aren’t any real “open” release platforms. Even Steam, which is typically held up as a bastion of openness and developer-friendliness, is a “closed” platform in the purest sense.

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GloriousBagel1966d ago

What a great informative article, sad that these are less buzz than the doom and gloom articles.

aliengmr1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

"Steam uses an always-on DRM for most games released on the platform, which, in the event of Valve shuttering its doors or otherwise interrupting service, would render those huge libraries of games built up over numerous sales useless."

This isn't accurate. Steam does NOT use "always on" DRM and in the unlikely event the company tanks, its a baseless assumption that you would automatically lose all your games. It could happen or it could not, Gabe said they would do what they could to give gamers access in the event Valve closes. Valve hasn't given me any reason to doubt that, yet.

Steam needs to be online to download and update. Now, its true with DD comes the fact that you have to access you game via the internet. Others like myself have accepted that. Are consoles ready for it, probably not, but the PC was primed for it when Steam came around.

I mostly disagree with this article. Skyrim reminded me why the open nature of the PC (that I took for granted) was so important. Not just the mods, but because Bethesda was able to release patches quickly and modders were able to fix whatever they missed. I have sympathy for the PS3 guys, but at that moment I realized the power of an open system.

There needs to be an open system where people are free to craft new ideas. DayZ anyone? Yet neither that nor Skyrim is mentioned. My disagreement lies in how the author paints this seedy picture of the "open" platform. That you have to be careful when the common folk can develop and release a game.

Not saying that the consoles need to throw open the doors like the PC, but there just need to be one place where anything goes. If not, then its the fast track to Stagnation-land.

And for the first time I actually agreeing with Cliffy.