Ten Minutes Of Shining Ark Gameplay Show Off Sega’s New RPG

Take a look at ten minutes of footage from Sega’s new PSP role-playing game, Shining Ark, headed to Japan this week.

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sashimi1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Never going to come stateside since its SEGA.... X_X
Having hope will only lead to disappointment.

jc485731214d ago

If they skip this just to localize Yakuza 5, then I'm ok. This is also coming from a guy who is crazy about JRPGs.

NateCole1214d ago

Dam it i want a Bloody VC4 on PS4 Sega.

sashimi1214d ago

I'd settle for VC3 localization /sigh

3-4-51214d ago

yea I would love that.

knifefight1214d ago

Does Sega hate advertising or what?

Fullmetalevolust1214d ago

We need the shining series to come to our shores SEGA!! At least release it for a US/EU vita/psp release, you're bound to sell more.
Shining the holy ark was kick ass on the Saturn.

Kratoscar20081214d ago

If you aimed at spanish is "por favor".

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