inFamous Second Son: Cole “not Returning”, Delsin’s Smoke Powers “Only the Tip of the Iceberg”

inFamous: Second Son takes place 7 years after the “Cole McGrath episodes” and stars newcomer Delsin Rowe as he tries to evade the DUP in Seattle. That much we know.

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TrendyGamers1944d ago

Good on the powers, not sure if I'd like the game if all I could do was turn into smoke.

Trenta271944d ago

They made a game about electricity awesome. I'm sure they could do the same to smoke as well.

pr0t0typeknuckles1944d ago

im pretty sure they can, just look at smoke from mortal kombat, he can teleport, cook you from the inside out,shake your molecules,throw smoke bombs,etc...

pain777pas1944d ago

Sucker Punch haven't made a bad game yet. Period. They are developing a Naughty Dog lite reputation. I know this game will be great but I need a new series to see if they have that ND touch. This will be fantastic. They are good controls nice feel type devs from the old school in new high poly trappings. They are great.

sashimi1944d ago

With all that ram to work with think about the potential of their open world games! second son will rock.

vickers5001944d ago

I personally think inFamous is a better franchise than the Uncharted games. But I'm also a huge fan of open world games.

pain777pas1943d ago

ND had to make a showcase for the PS3 for the Cell just like Crash was for the PS1. We will get the next gen new era stuff from Naughty Dog. I have to agree though as a game I prefer Infamous to most any first party games last gen especially the first one.

Eazy-Eman1944d ago

Smoker from One Piece has smoke powers...and he's a badass!

IAmLee1943d ago

Shame about cole though.. Nevertheless, they could create a character just as Iconic..

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Foolsjoker1944d ago

Wasn't a fan of the new Cole anyway, so I'm fine with this.

Riderz13371944d ago

What new Cole? It was the same guy in inFamous 1 and 2. Only the voice actor changed.

TrendyGamers1944d ago

The new voice actor did take some time for me to get used to, but he was good overall.

IAmLee1943d ago

He had 2% more facial hair in InFamous 2. This guy mustn't like stubble..

Root1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

But why get rid of Cole

I understand if they want to look at other characters, honestly I really wanted to see this I just didn't want the universe they created move forward without Cole

They could of done spin off games with alternative timelines, since time travel is possible in inFAMOUS.

They could of done prequels about Kesler moving up the ranks of the first sons and finally taken control of the group or show you Coles/Keslers life in the alternative timeline before the beast attacked.

They could of done a game on a conduit while the events of inFAMOUS 2 play out

They could of showed us a game based on Nix or maybe another conduit where Kuo is the secondary character when she's still human and acts like what Zeke does to Cole in
the first two games. His friend and advisor

I could go but you get my point...there was absolutely no need to set the game after inFAMOUS 2 and continue without Cole. Cole is a well loved character and should of been the main character for the main games. However since they've not numbered this game and given it a subtitle there's still hope that inFAMOUS 3 is being saved for Cole. Who knows the twist at the end of this game might be that this is an alternative universe back in Keslers/Future Coles timelime or a universe where neither the good or bad ending happened in the last game....Cole just defeated the Beast without activating the ray sphere and without becoming the beast himself

I just hate it when they do new characters when there's still a lot more they could do to the old one. I mean Coles only been in two least do a trilogy with him before you want to move on.

Also...I'm not really liking the new character. You know first impressions and all, it's just his design, it's so ugly. Don't get me started on his attitude.

"As Sucker Punch is based right outside of Seattle, and many of us have lived there our entire lives, we wanted to pay homage to our hometown and backyard. "

Personal reasons much...why not just call it "Seeatle", play on it's words. It's still similar to the real name.

I find it funny they keep dodging the "What ending does it go off" question because neither ending doesn't make sense. Humans are still alive so it's not the evil ending but conduits are still around so much they created advanced tec to keep a look at for them so it's not the good ending where they are wiped out.

If they came out and said "InFAMOUS 3 is being kept because it's Coles story and we might do a new game" or "Second Sons is not inFAMOUS 3 but more of a spin off" then fair enough I wouldn't have a problem.

I just don't know why they would get rid of a character they know people love a ton. Look at the backlash when they changed his character design.

LOGICWINS1944d ago

Coles an early 30s cocky white guy with super powers. He's VERY interchangeable. Infamous 2 ended Cole's story properly, so I don't see what the point of bringing him back is.

Root1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

As I was saying in another comment

What about if he revived but only after a seven year gap, facing a changed world where his kind are captured and possibly killed to try and "keep the peace". After they see Cole they want to kill him knowing who he is, "the demon of empire city" and decide to get rid of him thinking has some connection to the Beast despite defeating him and being the worlds savior.

The above is an example but there are always ways in stories to give new meanings to old characters. You just got to think of a good way to do it.

Besides I wouldn't really say Cole was cocky...he didn't really want his powers at the start of inFAMOUS.

If they didn't add the question mark lightning bolt then fine...his story was over but the fact they did just makes things worse. They teased us that he would return and instead of doing that they are replacing him with a new character which looks worse then him

As I've said Cole is a much loved character, the least they could of done before these subtitled spin offs is give him a proper trilogy of games to look back on.

People really liked Cole, he was a good character

LOGICWINS1944d ago

You might get your wish on the Vita. Maybe even the PS3. If you want to play as Cole again, all hope isn't lost :)

infamousinfolite1944d ago

*Sigh* It's time to let go as we did (!!!SPOILERS!!) at the good ending of Infamous 2. Sucker Punch said he's not coming back. Besides it's time to move on anyway and look on to the Future of Delsin Rowe.

Root1944d ago


Who is "we" mean you. I didn't know you spoke for everyone

If you look on the forums theres a lot of people who don't see the point of Cole not coming back. I'm not like the only one

DarkBlood1944d ago

i think he means "we" as much as "you" in your other comment meant "we" when you speak about others wanting cole back, only its just the opposite

its pretty clear you like the character so i understand for that reason you want him back.

however we will just have to accept the choices the developer wants to pursue with the game it isnt numbered after all so there is some kind of hope but reading the information its somewhat unlikely for his return base on thier decisions

but hey its true untill proven otherwise

infamousinfolite1944d ago

I don't mean to speak for everyone but i'll say this yes that question mark at the good ending for Infamous 2 has gotten ones to speculate that maybe Cole may come back I even said this as well. But with all the conduits gone if Cole was to come back who would he fight?

Also, I thought that a ray sphere was needed to activate the powers of those with the conduit gene and... ...yeah that's seems right you had to use ray sphere or any type of machine to activate those with conduit gene.

Trying to figure all of this makes my brain hurt so it's best not to bring Cole back anyway. But maybe they'll have him and some new paper or something.

It seems is what Sucker Punch want to do hence "7 years after the Cole incident".

I look at your first comment as something that you hope will happen for Cole but honestly don't see it happening. Like, you said they didn't call this infamous 3 because they'll probably make that later; I don't think they will do that.

The way I see it SP is making a comic book of characters that all reside in the infamous series where something happens and they realize they have special abilities like Delsin Rowe and unlike the first two Infamous games, I also think that we won't be dealing with 'conduits' anymore but a new 'breed of superhuman'.

Root1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

"speculate that maybe Cole may come back I even said this as well. But with all the conduits gone if Cole was to come back who would he fight?"

Well it's pretty obvious here that conduits do come back in some form

What about if someone started making conduits like how they made Kuo into one. They apparently replaced her blood with a blue liquid so it's pretty obvious they made someone into a conduit and give her powers why can't other groups do the same.

You make it sound like the ending was a full stop and SuckerPunch isn't allowed to go further but it's their story they can make up any character or story arc they want for Cole to continue in

With Superheros, especially in comics they always have an enemy to fight, hell how many superheros have you thought was dead but they keep coming back over and over.

So yeah new enemies can appear, they could range between government squads to get rid of the player or modified created conduits like what happened to Kuo.

As I've said if they wanted to make a side game why not make it on the PSV or set it at the same time as inFAMOUS 2....why set it after inFAMOUS 2 that should be left for inFAMOUS 3 when Cole does come back. They will bring him back, people love him too much

infamousinfolite1944d ago

if you followed the game Kuo says she was a conduit it was towards the beginning of the game where she explains it at 7:42

And perhaps Sucker Punch may continue the story it just it looked like the ideas people were coming up with seem illogical.

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HeavenlySnipes1944d ago

Continuing with Cole would mean making two separate games.

You can't alienate a side of the good/evil spectrum of users by picking a "real" ending and forming a game off of it.

They are going to form a plausible backstory for this new guy, and its nice to see a change.

I love that both Killzone and InFamous are starting with new characters and settings. Nice way to usher in the PS4 era

Root1944d ago

They used the good ending in inFAMOUS, not as big as the second games since there wasn't much difference between the two but they still made the good one canon.

So they would of went with the good ending in this

What about if they made two third games with subtitles. Good game you play Cole and in the Evil one you play as Kuo who decides Cole has went too far and his new powers are going to his head.

Then least then they've got two universes to work with for side games and spin offs

saint_seya1944d ago

U can do that in just one single game, starting at two different points, would be even better cuz it would make it longer and would bring more tweaks to the story, depending on wich side u chose to start.

Thatguy-3101944d ago

Maybe he will come back in a further installment. Infamous 2 did ended with a question mark so the possibility of him coming back in another game is possible.

SilentNegotiator1944d ago

I can appreciate your love for the Infamous series and Cole's story, but I think it was inevitable that the series would move on to a different character in a world full of other potential playable characters. Any more added powers and Cole would have become Dr. Manhattan.

There's no reason why some of the conduits couldn't have survived as a twist. Perhaps powers dormant for years after the event. It's very comic book centric, the inFamous series, and that's a fair twist if you ask me. It's no "Superman is dead!!!....nevermind" twist.

bluetoto1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

"But why get rid of Cole"

so non-gamers like yourself won't have the chance to whine about how this cole is different from the "old" cole.

They also bypass all the whine from folks like you when they decide to change or try something new.

Sorry you won't get the chance to complain that Infamous3 is "nothing like the others!" they're casualizing the game or whatever whiny crap you peubs were bound to say when this plays differently than the last 2.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1944d ago

They have to say that Cole isn't returning that way it will be a surprise when he does return.

Simon_Brezhnev1944d ago

He might be a villain but who knows. I still think they basically mixed the good and bad ending together. Since humans and conduits are both alive.

smashcrashbash1944d ago

Okay you have to realize that people who write stories sometimes want to make changes for whatever reason.They ended Cole's story and instead of dragging it on with something improbable, or what I am certain people would have called a 'cop out', they instead left Cole dead an brought in a new character with a new story and his own goals.That is a sign of an imaginative person, moving on and changing the story instead of just hanging on to a single concept constantly because they are afraid of people not liking it and not going on and on jogging in place to the point of tedium. It takes guts to remove people from play and continue on without constantly referring to and involving the last person.It makes for a more dynamic series. Ad for people who keep saying that all the Conduits should be dead know that nothing is 100% effective. Who is to say EVERY single Conduit died when Cole did what he did? Did they go all around the world and check? How would they know each and every Conduit was dead?

infamousinfolite1944d ago

Well they did say people overseas were dying off and whose to say they some of them lived. Besides we can assume that, like foxdie from MGS series, it had a certain code that connected to all those with the conduit gene and killed them off.

smashcrashbash1944d ago

Yeah but what about stronger or more resilient Conduits? Or the Conduits that still have the potential to become one. Remember the Beast was turning people who hadn't become Conduits yet into one. I am certain there was no way it could have reached every country in the world.Like with a virus even if it spread to the whole world some people will always survive.The device Cole used was based on the same principle as the Ray Sphere.If it could single people out certain people to be Conduits why can't this device leave some of them behind the same way?

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