Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on why there was no box at the launch event

Sony's PlayStation 4 launch event on Wednesday has drawn excitement, criticism and curiosity from the gaming community. While some were intrigued by the company's vision of a powerful PC-like console at the centre of a broad range of connected devices, others were frustrated by the lack of a physical product reveal, and by the familiar range of games on offer.

Stage-managing the development and roll-out of the console is Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's head of worldwide studios. A vital cog in the PlayStation R&D machine since the very beginning, Yoshida is a passionate gamer and habitual tweeter, providing a human face to the corporate edifice that is Sony.

I got chance to talk to him on Thursday, in his last interview of the day before returning from New York to Tokyo. Here's what he had to say.

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DivineAssault 1849d ago

i think it was smart not showing it.. Imagine how much more u will want it after u actually see that sexy beast.. The controller was just a tease for the real deal

MikeMyers1848d ago

I like his answer though, it really is just a box. But like most people we are curious and it is symbolic. It's something we have to look at each day. I like knowing where the inputs are, the design, color. I really liked the design of the PS3 phat model the best out of the PS3 designs.

1. I like how it's getting back to its roots and how they designed the hardware. Asking developers. Enough of the proprietary hardware and complicated architecture.

2. Working well with Indie devs like Jonathan Blow is crucial.

3. Expect premium plans but I also expect the basic function of playing online will remain free.

4. "They want simplicity and immediacy – it gets frustrating if you have an hour to play and have to spend half of that updating your game."

Exactly! No more fiddling around before we can play.

5. "So if the experience on PS4 is not greater than tablet, why bother? It's our responsibility to provide that, with the hardware and system features as well as game development."

That's why people want consoles and they want companies like Sony to lead by example.

6. "In a couple of years I'd like to be playing PS4 games on all my devices, with the main experience on the big screen, and smaller sections on mobile screens … It will all be connected. "

That's what Valve and Microsoft are also trying to shoot for. This is why Nintendo will get further behind the curve ball since they are much slower to adapt.

DivineAssault 1848d ago

Sony rocks my friend.. I really cant wait to wash my hands thoroughly, opening the box, delicately remove the packaging, smelling the newness of it & cleaning everything in the area before plugging it in, setting it down, & the (greatest moment that only happens ONE TIME EVER) powering it on for the very 1st time.. Its like entering a whole new world of possibilities

DeadSpaced1849d ago

I'm curious why there's such a big deal about them not showing the console yet. If anyone has some legitimate concerns about it, I'd like to know why.

MasterCornholio1849d ago

Correct me if im wrong but didnt Nintendo announce the Wii U without showing the console? If so then why didnt the press make a huge deal of it back then?

Riderz13371849d ago

Nintendo announced the Wii U without even showing the specs.

WarThunder1849d ago

Because the media (the so called "gaming" journalist) need to find ways to bash the Playstation brand...

sjaakiejj1849d ago

They did make a big deal out of it for Wii U as well, citing that many were confused about what it was Nintendo actually revealed at E3.. A Controller for Wii or new hardware.

Dilldo_1849d ago

Nintendo did show the box, they just didn't focus on it or even mention it.. That's why people thought it was just a peripheral for the current Wii

Bathyj1849d ago

Well thats not the case here sjaakiejj.

Alot of casuals probably think WiiU is just a tablet controller for Wii.

No one is mistaking PS4 for a current gen console.

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doublejj1849d ago

i certainly don't have a problem with them not showing their whole hand at the meeting. its definitely smart due to the fact that Microsoft is now behind in the war and they need to come hard with what they have to match or at least wow us enough to make us want what they have. but im not getting a nextbox you have my word on that.

SugarSoSweet1849d ago

I really isn't THAT big of an issue but I do wonder why they didn't show it when you announce something you're generally meant to show it

KewDeGra1849d ago

you wanna light the sparklers now. and save the grande finale for e3. Smart on them for not showing us everything. personally i was expecting them to just say " Yes, the ps4 exist and go into minor details about it". E3 where the magic will happen i'm hoping.

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