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PS4 : 12 first & second-party studios hiding new incoming games ?

Only hours away from Sony's New York press conference, Total Manga takes a deeper look at 12 first and second-party studios fueling the PlayStation 3 & Vita, and it seems like PlayStation 4 games may have been in development since as far as 2010. (Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, polyphony digital, PS4, Quantic Dream, Santa Monica Studios, Sony, Sucker Punch Productions)

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miyamoto  +   888d ago
freaking Syphon Filter!!!!!!!!!!!! Sony Bend!
clintagious650  +   888d ago
I been dying for a new syphon filter & a new legend of dragoons game.
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execution17  +   888d ago
I'd love a new Syphon Filter or Legend of Dragoon game
HammadTheBeast  +   888d ago
Legend of Dragoon would be amazing. Maybe war between Dragoons and Winglies would be nice.
mandf  +   888d ago
Why can't one article talk about Sony without bringing up xbox. It's getting old. I just want to read something Playstation without should Sony worry about Ms.
Gorkab  +   888d ago
Well, it's a competition, and Sony want to reclaim the spot they lost to Microsoft and Nintendo with the PS3 ;)
Shadow Flare  +   888d ago
I'd rather Sony kept its spot of "best console this generation" to be honest
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mandf  +   888d ago
It should only be a competition to the businesses themselves not us gamers. Journalist started this fanboy war and nothing good has come of it. I just want to read an article that is said about said subject without bashing something or bringing up something that has nothing to do with the article.
inveni0  +   888d ago
Every night, I use my PS3, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. It is the most used electronic product in my entire house. I find it hard to agree that Sony lost anything. They may not have the largest number of console sales (they're only second), but that doesn't mean they don't have the best system.
HammadTheBeast  +   888d ago
Honestly, no one really "likes" the Wii anymore, and 360 just lost to PS3 in sales even with a years head start.
MightyMatt101  +   888d ago
I expect at least 3 reveals tonight from first party devs.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   888d ago
im expecting syphon filter from SCE bend studio, the game was announced las year i believe
panbit86  +   888d ago
I just NEED in my life:

-Heavenly Sword 2

-Legend of Dragoon 2

-Jak 4
KUV1977  +   888d ago
Heavenly Sword 2 - Bring it on!
chukamachine  +   888d ago
I just hacked into.


There's a new game, called globalthermonuclearwar.

But I choose chess instead. phew.
Gorkab  +   888d ago
Greetings Professor Falken :)
catguykyou  +   888d ago
Epic should be there tonight.
remanutd55  +   888d ago
Im not even gonna bother, you know what i want lol
clintagious650  +   888d ago
Let me guess, "Ridge Racerrrrrrrrr"? Lol jokes i would love to see a new motorstorm on the ps4.
Gorkab  +   888d ago
But you know, there will be a Ridge Racer at launch. It would not be a PlayStation launch if there wasn't a Ridge in the line-up ^^
remanutd55  +   888d ago
Ridge Racerrrrrr followed by a giant enemy crap, Kaz must be there tonight.
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   888d ago
i want motorstorm sandbox game
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ceballos77mx  +   888d ago
Finally the day is here, lets see what all the fuzz is about, the only 4 I want is killzone, bring back old IP like syphon filter, legend of dragoon
Saleem101  +   888d ago
Socom done right!!!
Gorkab  +   888d ago
But who will take Zipper Interactive's place now that the studio is gone? :/
Energy-HL  +   888d ago
Sony Bend or Naughty Dog.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   888d ago
.....medievil, overbaord, bring those back sony, not some generic borefest of a shooter
Williamson  +   888d ago
Ive never been this pumped in a long time, just thinking about all the games that could be announced is making me......cant breathe

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