The PlayStation 4 and the Unlucky “Number”

Japanese culture is rooted in superstitious beliefs. Some of these superstitions are so deep in the culture that they are meant to serve as lessons or practical advice. One of these superstitions has to do with the number 4 and will affect the name of Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 4.

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jc485731857d ago

think about it though. If we call it PS4, then the next one PS5 and on and on. I think it makes perfect timing to change it or drop the numbering system.

SynGamer1857d ago

I hear all this talk about "Omni" and honestly...I'm kind of liking it the more I hear it. Same can be said with the PS Vita. When I first heard that, I thought to myself "man, that's lame". But the more I heard it the more it grew on me. Now, I can't even imagine Sony possibly having called this thing the PSP2.

So yes, I think now is a great time for Sony to drop the numbering system and give this new PlayStation a proper name. Fans can still call it the PS4 all they want, but Sony kind of needs to separate itself from the lackluster PS3 years (high launch price, mandatory installs, etc).

jp_footy21857d ago

Omni is a peripheral for the PS4.

doctorstrange1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I'm just gonna leave this here:


The 4 = death = no PS4 thing is bullcrap

Wigriff1857d ago

I just hope they don't change the name entirely to something like the Sony LifeStation.

Mounce1856d ago

I'd prefer if Sony kept the numbering system.

It 'IS' the very reason(Which goes to show its effectiveness) that Xbox 360 wasn't simply Xbox 2. Because then it'd be like this in the eyes of the customer.


Xbox 2

or Playstation 3. sounds ahead of the other one. As simplistic as that sounds? It's a tactic in itself.

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darthv721857d ago

to drop the numbering. i mean they would have to come up with something catchy to get consumers interested.

People who know about playstation 1-3 would likely see the 4 as just that...another playstation. That isnt a bad thing to those who are interested but to grab other consumers you need to do it with a name that really stands out.

No matter what they call it, I'm calling it money well spent.

jc485731857d ago

I definitely want to forget how disappointing the generation was. Not really the games, but consumers.

MikeMyers1857d ago

If it isn't called the PS4 it could be because of two reasons.

1. Sony wants to change it's look and with Sony not doing very well the last few years as a company this could be a perfect product with the new president. A new vision so to speak.

2. They are just that superstitious and far too Japanese for their own good.

Sarcasm1857d ago

They could pull an Apple and just call it "The New Playstation."

Gaming websites: "We now have a PS4 for review!"

Sony: "NO... NO!!! It's the NEW PlayStation!!!"

AnotherProGamer1857d ago

the 4 in japanese can also be yon. which means '4'

ArmGunar1857d ago

" superstitious beliefs "

Haha, what about ghosts, vampires, etc ... ?
Have to be rational.

Knight_Crawler1857d ago

Hey dude that's not cool...who are you to judge people beliefs?

Asian people are very superstitious because its part of there culture so stop mocking them.

Rainstorm811857d ago

Of course vampires aren't real........Now Werewolves you gotta be worried about.

SynGamer1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I'm wasting a bubble just for this:

adorie1857d ago

GAF seems to be an assembly line for Kaz.gifs, and it used to be 4chan that churned out the funny stuff. Gaf's been destroying my stomach lately with all these hilarious videos and pictures.

Simon_Brezhnev1857d ago

yeah i got it from gaf. Just about all of them been pretty funny.

Studio-YaMi1857d ago

That's just OVERKILL ! xD LOL

Conzul1857d ago

Where the hell do these keep coming from?

The Great Melon1857d ago

Kaz is just so meme-able. I really hope he does Sony well now that he is at the top.

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