Battlefield 3 DLC End Game - Map Screenshots And Breakdowns Released

DICE has released screenshots and details of the maps you'll find in Battlefield 3's final DLC pack, End Game. Lock and (down)load.

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Mutant-Spud2002d ago

Cool, I've just got back into BF3 after a year off, I saw the premium edition on special and thought, why not, it was worth the re buy to get the expansions at basically half price.
The dirt bikes look sick, what'll be sicker will be nailing them with the Javelin ;)

DavidMacDougall2001d ago

I was looking for a premium on special but couldnt see any :(

Mutant-Spud2001d ago

I'm in Australia, they're selling it for $50 Australian at JB Hi-fi.

Tonester9252001d ago

I swear they stole my idea lol

Dropdeadll2001d ago

Is there a copy that comes with all the BF3 DLC including this one?

MooseWI2001d ago

Yes, they sell a "Premium Edition". I believe you can get it at most places for $50 USD. They should have a sale though for just premium..

mcgrottys2001d ago

battlefield premium, it is worth every penny. But I would wait to see if they have a special for it around the release of end game.