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Why Destiny's reveal was underwhelming

Original-Gamer.com: Sunday afternoon, the press embargo for Destiny's official reveal was lifted and Bungie released the first ViDoc. I gathered a bunch of what I thought would be important facts and weeding out details that'll be reitterated over the next several months before an anticipated holiday 2013 release. Last Tuesday when I realized what the ARG was all about, the first question that popped into my head was why Bungie would want to put out a major reveal a few days before the anticipated PlayStation 4 reveal on the 20th. (Activision Blizzard Inc., Bungie, Destiny, Next-Gen, PS3, Xbox 360)

theBAWSE  +   894d ago
It was poor and rushed and showed nothing much...ms said this will he revealed to stop the ps4 hype train...its only made the ps4 reveal even more enticing to me.

further more its a multiplat title
Godmars290  +   894d ago
By what little I can understand of the article, which for being short manages to ramble and poorly gets to the point, its more to bolster the PS4 reveal. That Bungie or Activision are getting out the news ahead of Sony's announcement to remind everyone that its a multiplatform title and not just one the Xbox. That more of the game will be shown on the 20th.
IronFistChinMi  +   894d ago
Microsoft said no such thing, how could they when it's an Activision game?
aviator189  +   894d ago
"ms said this will he revealed to stop the ps4 hype train"

such a false statement.. no one said anything of the sort.
Heavenly King  +   894d ago
well, it could be true. Ex-Epic Cliff said: “The real reason Bulletstorm was built was because Gears [of War] wasn't ready for this spring and we needed a product to fuck with Killzone.” Who the hell would have motivated that? M$ obviously.

So this is not a surprise at all if true, if M$ paid some small cash to Activision so that they reveal the game prematurely in order to stop some PS4 hype.
spicelicka  +   893d ago
@Heavenly King

But Bulletstorm was released on ps3 as well so why would MS waste money on endorsing it's release?? Epic is an independent studio, Cliff was referring to Gears in terms of the Epic making money because it's their only major game. MS wasn't affected by it at all and it wasn't an xbox exclusive so how would it change anything??

ANd beside, there were many other games coming out at that time, like crysis 2 so it doesn't make shit sense to me.
Heavenly King  +   894d ago
I agree. I remember when KZ3 was about to be released, and Ex-Epic Cliff said: “The real reason Bulletstorm was built was because Gears [of War] wasn't ready for this spring and we needed a product to fuck with Killzone.” Who the hell would have motivated that? M$ obviously.

So this is not a surprise at all if true, if M$ paid some small cash to Activision so that they reveal the game prematurely in order to stop some PS4 hype.
listenkids  +   894d ago
It was rather lackluster, a shame, It was full of intrigue and I wanted something.. different. Always online FPS, i'm not much in the mood for it. To each his own.
Blastoise  +   894d ago
Is the "Always Online" thing confirmed? If so, that's a bit of a downer =/
barb_wire  +   894d ago
Yes, I've read it on multiple sites.. there is a "single player" component but in order to get the most out of the full game - you have to be online.

Find it very striking that the PS3 version isn't supposed to come out until Fall 2014 as per the contract.
dboyc310  +   894d ago
Seems very haloish which isn't my thing. I'm still open minded to how it will work but for now I'm not psyched up for it. Like theBAWSE said I for one am more psyched up for what's to come out on the 20th. Still will keep my eye on this title as more info is released.
Summons75  +   894d ago
No gameplay, I was disappointed.
aviator189  +   893d ago
yes there was...not much, but there was gameplay.
majiebeast  +   894d ago
I would be more hyped if they announced Planetside 2 for ps4. I just felt this was rushed and not ready to be shown yet.
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krisq  +   894d ago
PlanetSide is Sony's game. There is 99% chance that it's coming to PS4 IMO.
Blackdeath_663  +   894d ago
if it can run on ps4 they will consider it. no reason not to unless there is technical barrier as with the ps3 but planetside is a very cpu and ram intensive game. recommended specs are atleast 8gb of RAM an intel core i5 or higher which is a 3.3GHz quad core and 1GB of VRAM the rumoured specs we have heard of so far fall short of all those requirements apart from the GPU. i'm sure sony will make it work if they wanted to but that just shows you how far consoles are from pc. the good thing about consoles is that the developers make their game around the console hardware whereas on pc the developers make the game and its up to you to have a strong enough pc planetside however was built from the ground up to be a pc game that will last a very long time even if pc hardware advances significantly thats why there is a hidden Ultra setting in the game files i would say a 70% to 80% chance.
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Drekken  +   894d ago
Planetside 2 runs rough on even the best of machines. They will need to do some serious tweaking to get it running smooth on a console. I hope they can pull it off though. I think it will boil down to the amount and speed of the ram and videocard.
urwifeminder  +   894d ago
Each to their own for me it was the best news in gaming all year,a massive vision story based im in for the 10 year haul if people dont have the internet bad luck it put what alot devs are doing to shame.
The Meerkat  +   894d ago
Would you not rather have a Battlestations 3?

Dive bombing from 10,000 feet. Stalking a carrier for 30 minutes in a sub that's running out of air. Leading your shots (midway style).

All give me more satisfaction than another stare at door and pull trigger FPS.
urwifeminder  +   894d ago
Ha touch'e id much rather that perhaps a modern or future based battlestations the series is like a childhood dream for me,but it may not happen now square own eidos cant i have both lol.
I kinda wish they were not working on the same game every 2 years for ten years. They seem to be taking the place of modern warfare? Activision looking for that winning shooter again.

I was more impressed by their passion than the video. I was mostly underwhelmed to see that it was a current gen game,

Still more excited for killzone/bf4 & planetside 2 that might come to ps4 at this point.

I want 2000 player 24/7 battles.

I still want to see more from bungie though.
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Statix  +   894d ago
Planetside 2 on PS4 would (will?) be amazing. Even more amazing if it were bundled with every PS4 sold, pre-installed on the hard drive. That would automatically bring a huge, much-needed player base to an amazing game, and essentially create another defining exclusive franchise on Sony's Playstation stable.
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BanBrother  +   894d ago

" bundled with every PS4 sold, pre-installed on the hard drive."

Absolute genius. If everyone had it, the player base would be limitless. Sony should hire you lol. I'm not joking either, that would be an extremely smart business move.

I'm expecting PS4 to have cross-play with PC for a lot of their games. Not so sure about the next-xbox, as MS have been known to keep their systems closed. Would Sony allow Xbox to have Planetside 2? I doubt it.
MarcT   894d ago | Spam
Statix  +   894d ago
No. Gameplay. Footage.

The game sounds really promising though. Hopefully it gets ports on next-generation consoles soon after release, because I'll have moved on by that time.
bunfighterii  +   894d ago
Poor announcement in that there wasn't a whole lot to show, but i find the game enticing and really love the setting. Can't wait to see what'll happen to it across the next gen too.
Nicaragua  +   894d ago
I agree, nothing really to see or get excited about.
jay2  +   894d ago
It was crap......................Till it's shown on PS4 in two days! Oh wait, it was done to pour water over PS4's announcement.
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InTheLab  +   894d ago
The game sounds interesting and since its Bungie, you know it will be polished. Just needed more actual gameplay footage and the reveal would have been fine.
I'm hyped for it as it sounds lt like what borderlands could have been and if anyone seen the video from sonys youtube channel, there was some gameplay shown, but only like 3 seconds. Still it was something tho.
mamotte  +   894d ago
I dont find it strange. The reaction, that's it. The day the gamer community is happy with an announcement, game, opinion or whatever, it'll be the end of the world.
ROmek  +   894d ago
Playstation yt account uploaded Destiny trailer because it's coming for ps3. End of story.

I hope you hyped yourself to a level that you will be terribly dissapointed after PS meeting. Sorry, but you deserve it.
DBergmark  +   893d ago
I deserve to be disappointed? I guess you could say that since I haven't gotten a groundbreaking Halo game since 2007.

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