LEGO City Undercover Doesn’t Feature Multiplayer

Were you hoping to drive around the huge Lego City in LEGO City Undercover with a buddy? Well, it turns out that the upcoming Wii U-exclusive sandbox-style video game will not support multiplayer, according to its official website.

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YoloSwag1978d ago

Although it would be fun to bust some criminals with a friend, I respect a good single-player game. Still, I think this kind of game warrants multiplayer.

Link0791978d ago

Who cares its open world lego for gods sake plus i'm sure there will be online modes like Zombiu/NSMBU ect leave messages and MiiVerse intergration ect.

MiiVerse is a good move it will become massive when MHUltimate/LegoCity and X ect as they all have tons of content and hidden gems cant wait for these 3 games.

PopRocks3591978d ago

An ironic shame. I'm pretty sure the development of this started as an open world MMO. Ah well, I still respect these guys for not only keeping the open world map, but also attempting a brand new and original story not inspired by someone else's intellectual property.

LOL_WUT1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Well thats just lame not even Co-Op was added

animegamingnerd1978d ago

werid considering that every other lego game has co op

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The story is too old to be commented.