Is A New PS Vita Model On The Cards? Sony could be planning to announce an upgraded New PS Vita Model very soon.

The supposed new model will be 4G, and a FW update will be released along the device with tons of new and requested features, including new ways to organize apps in folders.

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Thirty3Three1927d ago

Cpoy of an earlier article...

morganfell1927d ago

Was that earlier article also "on" the cards?

BattleAxe1926d ago

Its going to be re-branded as the PSP2, or at least that is the rumor that I've heard being kicked around.

nevin11927d ago

I can see it being announce at E3 if not the 20th.

BattleReach1927d ago

Oh great.
When do the games come?

bicfitness1927d ago

There are plenty of games, more than I can play actually. And this year we already know of three from XSEED, plus all of Sony's 1st party stuff - Killzone, Soul Sacrifice (can't wait). Phantasy Star Online 2 should be out soonish and Gungho will likely bring Picoto Knights and a few others over. Furthermore NISA hasn't announced any Vita stuff yet and there are a tonne of JRPGs sitting in the East that I'm sure they will pick up.

Now, moving on. More to the point of the article, I'm hoping for a larger screen - not pixel density or resolution, just another inch or inch and a half. Been piddling about on some of these 7 inch tablets or 5.5 Phablets lately and while they certainly are mostly bad for gaming, the size is nice.

Oh, and a bigger, better battery is a must. A proper gorilla glass screen instead of that cheap plastic one would also be appreciate. All the outputs (that should have been in the first iteration, HDMI out particularly) are good. Finally, REMOTE PLAY. You can do it with ANY PS3 game on a HACKED PSP. There's no reason why the Vita shouldn't be able to do this. If they check off at least 1/2 those features, I'll upgrade.

a_bro1926d ago

i think the problem isnt the games, there is a quantitative amount of games on the vita already. Problem is the quality of the game. in other words, people are waiting for that killer app. sadly it hasnt appeared yet, so far i think killzone mercenaries is.

TongkatAli1927d ago

Research should be your friend.

TheLastGuardian1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

If you think Vita has no games, you need to get your head out of your ass.

I bet you've never even heard of half of the games in the Vita's library.


Nope. Not only does the Vita have lots of games, it has lots of great games.

Tearaway > Killzone: Mercenary

contradictory1927d ago

no need to include 4G if it's going to suck as much as the 3G one...

all they would really need is a pricecut on the handheld
and a massive pricecut on those goddamn memory cards
(50€ for a 16GB memory card did not make me happy)

BuffMordecai1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Damn straight, who would want to have a separate bill for 4G on vita in addition to your regular cell phone bill unless you just want to get raped by AT&T. Just lower the price to $200 and it should see increased sales in the same way as the 3ds did when they wised up. Besides it only costs $150 to make a vita. Also, we need bigger memory cards.

Kingthrash3601927d ago

Old news/article....but interesting news

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The story is too old to be commented.