Rumour: Anonymous Source Explains What Went Wrong With Aliens: Colonial Marines

Rumours are flying around the internet about the reasons behind Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ rather underwhelming quality. Chief amongst these is that Gearbox outsourced a significant portion of the gameplay to other studios. Some more information regarding this could potentially have come to light, due to a post on Reddit by a user by the name of throwawayacm.

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SJPFTW2101d ago

anyone remember this?

Well not only did the game not resemble this "gameplay video" but this entire section is not even in the finished game. worst case of false advertisement EVER! I love how they play it off as it was actual gameplay but really just a pre-rendered video. GEARBOX YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

PockyKing2101d ago

Gah, why'd you have to post that link. Now I'm depressed.

PopRocks3592101d ago

I'm gonna go off on a limb and assume that Gearbox worked on that build for the demo while the guys at Timegate worked on those sections in the final product. Hopefully Gearbox can update each version of the game with something closer to their original vision.

febreeze12101d ago

I still don't understand why Gearbox is always outsourcing their stuff that has their name on it...first the borderlands dlc's, now this game.

SilentNegotiator2101d ago

Stop spreading the bogus rumor that Gearbox had little to do with the campaign.

PopRocks3592101d ago


Considering Sega had little to no involvement with the development of the game, I don't see how they would know how much of the game was or was not outsourced. Besides, it's already known that Timegate was actually involved with development. By how much is the question, and right now all we have is word of mouth. Gearbox's word against theirs.

So no, I would not say the rumor is entirely bogus.

UnholyLight2101d ago

Go to IGN and read the interview with Randy Pitchford. In fact I think he said there was TWO other studios that worked on it.

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Kamikaze1352101d ago

Wow....that's a low blow to their fans.

CapsLocke2101d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about, hardcore Aliens fans like the game.

andron2101d ago

I'm a hardcore Alien fan and I think the game is mediocre and technically sub par.

I'm just planning to play as much as I can stand and get rid of it as fast as I can...

Kurylo3d2101d ago

Speak for yourself... me and my friends are hardcore aliens fans... the game kinda sucks. Great for nostalgia, but at best its just another shooter to run through.

deno2101d ago

I will still purchase it but I will only do it so they may make another in a more professional way. Granted this game doesn't look as bad as people are saying. And yes I did see the original demo. It is sad.

andron2101d ago

The end of the game makes it clear they are keeping it open for a sequel, but I doubt it will ever be made...

WeskerChildReborned2101d ago

If their is a sequel, it should deserve a better developer or the devs should focus more on it.

Kurylo3d2101d ago

Whoever did the character art on the faces... man oh man.. shittiest artist on earth!

Ricdog2101d ago

I still blame Gearbox. To me they are a bit overrated. Other than Borderlands and Brothers in Arms (the first one), they haven't made that many great games. People give em too much credit.

Now that people are beginning to see them for the developers they are they are quickly looking for someone else to blame.

DomceM2101d ago

im with you on that. I think borderlands is the only thing they really got right. Although i thought the gun system sucks in that game (i hate generic randomly generated guns. Id rather just have them make 20-25 quaity weapons and forget the random generation crap). I never played brothers in arms so i cant comment on that.

Overall however, they are very overrated.

OneAboveAll2101d ago

So instead of choose better, more well known developers to share the load such as Epic, Crytek, Dice, Valve etc, you chose TimeGate. Who did a garbage job.

You dun goofed. Not buying another one of your games ever again. (glad I didn't buy Aliens).

As a mater of fact, Brothers in arms: Hell's Highway was also a travesty!

DevilishSix2101d ago

I think the developers that should have made this game or an aliens game in the future is Visceral Games. They have proven they can create intense atmosphere with their Dead Space games. That is what is needed for an aliens game. Only problem is their games have been third person, wonder if they could create a great first person game?

As far as ACM goes. Gearbox and/or SEGA should be sued to give an option where any gamer that wants there full purchase price back, can get it. Because this demo misrepresented the final product by a HUGE margin and lured gamers into preordering this game. This is fraud on a grand scale. This is not just a little difference between the two its major. Gamers wanted what the demo represented not what the final product is. It's not even close.

ironfist922101d ago

To be fair, it was either Aliens or Borderlands 2 which was going to be of high quality considering their lack of time and resources (hence outsourcing Aliens to finish it on time). Im glad its Borderlands tbh

Ashunderfire862101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

I would rather them delay it again and give us a beta for the multiplayer, and a demo for the single player to post our opinion about the game. Then they can iron out the problems before release. Man this suck. Outsource is not the way to go. I'm talking to you too Capcom !!! Cough.. Coug.. Lost Planet 3.

DevilishSix2101d ago

Iron, why would it be either aliens or Borderlands of higher quality? You know this aliens game was announced back in 2006. Seven years ago not just in the last couple years.

I have a hunch, Gearbox took ACM development money from SEGA to help finance the original Borderlands game, which became a huge success and because of that successful and the need to get another Borderlands out the door, Gearbox became overwhelmed and out sourced some of ACM to others and this has bitten them straight in the a## and it should. Randy Pitchford should have never allowed this to launch in this state and have his company name on the box. He and his company have and will continue to take a huge hit to their reputation.

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