Adam Sessler Reacts to G4 for firing him in a Tweet

Former G4TV employee Adam Sessler. Recently Tweeted in "his own his words" his feelings towards G4TV after being fired.

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MrCrimson1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Probably because he looks like a dirty old man and the crowd they were trying to appeal to was half his age.

classic2001800d ago

I guess you were not one of the person growing up watching xplay enjoying his sense of humor.

MrCrimson1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Honestly never thought he was funny. Seemed immature.

Temporary1800d ago

Sessler was always a genuine knowledgeable person when it came to video games and even other topics he felt the need to touch on. From listening to him so often you can see his passion for the industry and his fans, and i admire that in him.

Sometimes he'll get silly, but then again dont all of us? Stop pretending youre not human, dont judge him for the few times he may have done something silly or immature. Look at the big picture of who Adam is, and he's actually a pretty cool dude.

GuyThatPlaysGames1800d ago

How about Extended Play? Before it was X-Play. That was the good days. I miss all the gamer shows like Judgement Day. That was my favorite.

Diver1800d ago

now he knows how the great people at tech tv felt when they dumped them for morons like kevin p an olivia munn

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AWBrawler1800d ago

Adam Sessler was the one Real gamer that G4 had left.

d3nworth11800d ago

Exactly they were stupid for firing him.

muttley651799d ago

wonder what morgan web and olivia munn doing these days???

hulk_bash19871800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

While I admit that I don't always agree with some of the reviews he has done in the past, Adam Sessler is a very intelligent and insightful person in the video game industry. The way he was let go of @ G4 is, to me, a slap in his face and an insult to the many years he has dedicated to that channel. Glad to see that he has found a new home in Rev3games and is able to continue to be a part of the industry.

-Mika-1800d ago

Wow, that was really professional Adam.

SpiralTear1800d ago

Instead of condemning Adam's character like that, you could try and consider his position.

How would you feel if a network you didn't only work for, but one you established a cultural identity with decided to change their image to something much less analytical and meaningful? Then, the network lets you go just because you didn't fit it with their less meaningful mantra? Years upon years of passionate work, down the drain.

I don't know about you, but I'd be pissed off enough to post a tweet too.

karlowma1800d ago

I wouldn't say that all those years of work went down the drain. While Adam was helping to establish G4 and G4TV, he was also establishing himself as an educated, intelligent and insightful commentator on the games and entertainment industries.

I am a huge fan of Adam Sessler, but without the platform that was G4, it's not likely that he would command the audience that he does today.

SilentNegotiator1800d ago

Instead of feeding the troll....well, do anything BUT feed the troll. -Mika- intentionally says things to enrage people, EVERY time.

Enigma_20991800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


So was firing him without telling him, according to your logic.

Why did I just think of Jeff Gerstmann?

ajax171800d ago

Good use of your ONE bubble. I guess it's no surprise you only have one.

fatstarr1800d ago

Lol epic almost too nice of a tweet.

I have never seen a company fire an all-star lineup like g4 did.

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