Project C.A.R.S : 71 Stunning New High-Def Screens

Believe it or not, all shots show purely in-game footage that has not been made in any special photo mode with no post-processing or filters that aren’t available during the actual gameplay – What you see below is what you experience while driving!

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thereapersson1901d ago

Then again, I haven't investigated this title much, so I have no idea how it performs. It does look quite nice, however. This is coming from a diehard Gran Turismo fan; I would hope that this game falls right in the middle between Gran Turismo 5 and rFactor / iRacing.

jimbobwahey1901d ago

Past games by this developer are Need for Speed Shift and Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends. Draw your own conclusions...

hennessey861901d ago

I an tell you it's nothing like those games, its far more realstic and looks astonishing.

Tibbers1901d ago

"I would hope that this game falls right in the middle between Gran Turismo 5 and rFactor / iRacing". It's more GT5ish than hardcore like e.g. iRacing.

Starfox171900d ago

All i know is Project CARS needs to hit ps4 ect because that game achieves Realism end of i'm so glad WiiU gets the best version.

SAE1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Nah, They already finished making the engine and Gt5. They fixed many things with the huge updates. PD also said that Gt6 will not take 6 years like Gt5.I think they are just waiting for the ps4 to release. Ps3 Hardly handling Gt5...

Starfox171899d ago

This is a racing game that won't be beaten on graphics for a long time not on WiiU/PS4 nothing,eventually yes.

Skate-AK1901d ago

Can't wait to see what this will look as good on PS4. I'm sure they will make it.

chukamachine1901d ago

Looks sweet, but haven't played it.

GT5 still looks sweet tbh, and want to see what pd do with GT6, hopefully the wait is not

Good quality racing games is good for the community.

Kennytaur1901d ago

Polyphony has their work cut out for them. But shiny graphics is only worth something if it scales well to lesser hardware as not everyone have a gaming PC. Let's hope the physics, audio and presentation hold up.

GT5 had the physics, but lacked in most other fields with it's ridiculously mixed visuals, crap menus and with most cars sounding the same after upgrades. I'm cautiously optimistic for GT6.

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