Stepping Up the Challenge of Combat

ZD writes: While I’m sure everyone can agree that Zelda falls into the Action-Adventure genre, I can’t help but notice that the “action” part has felt somewhat lackluster as of late; particularly in the 3D titles. Though Skyward Sword took steps in the right direction, fighting enemies was still not even close to the challenge it had been in older games. I know there have been quite a few complaints these days about the combat in Zelda being too easy, but let’s take a deeper look into why that is, and several possible ways it could be developed into a more polished element of the series. It is about time for Nintendo to take a look at how it’s done in other games, and to try learning from the success of others. In order to keep myself from rambling, I am condensing the combat issues that Zelda is currently facing into two categories, consisting of the behavior of the artificial intelligence, and the way the enemies are encountered. Now understand that these issues have to both be fixed accordingly, or else the combat will not evolve to its fullest extent.

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silkrevolver1930d ago

I agree completely: Zelda needs more challenge.

The puzzle challenges are a little on the light side lately, but not overly easy... but that combat, man.

Just make Master Quest / Hero mode available to me the first time around, and it's fixed.

BullyMangler1930d ago

totally agree with you about that "Hero Mode" for the Legend of zelds Skyward Sword. yur right, Hero Mode should be available as a (Hard Mode) option rite from the beginning before embarking.
Hero Mode is awesomely challenging, not just because the enemies do double the damage, but because when learning to fight the baddies, SHIELDS WILL BREAK!! and that requires one to fLy allll the waiy back to skyLoft for either shield repair or an UPGRADE .

parkerpeters1930d ago

Seriously. More challenging combat, puzzles, more challenge over all.

All though, I would call Zelda more of a CPG than a straight up Action Adventure.

isarai1930d ago

ALL games need more challenge, i haven't been challenged in a fair, fun way since Dark Souls