Zombie Studios Unveils Unreal Engine 4 Game: Daylight

Zombie Studios has announced Daylight, a new horror game built on Unreal Engine 4. The announcement came from the DICE summit in Vegas tonight, as Zombie finally provided details on the project it first teased in December.

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sway_z1896d ago

Yes more Horror based games please...

I can't wait to get spooked on next gen hardware!!

OhMyGandhi1896d ago

love the randomly generated room angle to survival horror. Could potentially be a very scary game.

Kennytaur1896d ago

Written by Jessica Chobot? Say whaaaat?!

It looks good, but not like anything that can't be done with other current engines. UE3 isn't a very impressive engine (good performance on mid and low range PCs though), but let's hope they've worked out MSAA this time.

delboy1896d ago

Hmmm.... 20$ per episode, at least five episodes... No thanks, it is to much for a game.

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