5 Things Doom 4 Should Do

Doom 4 has been in development for what seems like an eternity. Bag of Games tells us 5 things they would like to see once it finally hits store shelves (someday? maybe?)

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ryandebraal1960d ago

Whole heartedly agree about the shotgun. No matter what the game. Doom, Half-life, Left 4 Dead, if it's in first person I use the shotgun.

RAGE may have been a big disappointment but those Pop Rockets were pretty sweet.

DarkBlood1960d ago

shotgun is my favourite weapon, you can thank terminator 2 for that lol

anyways hopfully they make the classic double barrel shotgun into the game

MkaY1960d ago

"If Doom 4 doesn’t have the best shotgun of its generation, I will demand a refund." Haha exactly! Can't agree more.

Doctor_Freeman1960d ago

You all may call it a shotgun, but I call it a Big F***in Gun.

PuertoRicanVolta1960d ago

Shotguns and some scares, that the business right there.

Steadyhndz1960d ago

Be more scary, awesome shotguns, and bring back the SpiderDemon along with the Cyberdemon

Gamer391960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I can wait this game. Rage very cool (The end disappointment) and id Tech 5 engine nice visuals. Really hope DooM 4 awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.