Dead Space 3 New Game+ Modes FAQ

GR: "In order to unlock New Game+ and it's many variations, you have to be the game at least once. This can be done on any difficulty. If you want a little bit of variety in your second playthrough you can choose from the following NG+ Variants...."

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TrendyGamers1960d ago

Hardcore Mode sounds hard...core.

dbjj120881960d ago

It is. I think if you play the game through twice before trying hardcore mode, you can probably handle it though.

snowman21491960d ago

The problem is that there is no new game+ with hardcore mode, new game+ and hardcore mode are two separate yeah its gonna be a pain in the ass lol

dbjj120881960d ago


I mean in that you'll have experience as to where you're going and when to spend a lot of resources on ammo, health, etc for a boss fight or long encounter.

ironfist921960d ago

Implying Im gonna be playing this more than once...

Borrow, play, forget, move on.

konnerbllb1960d ago

Nice.. I may do 1 or 2 more playthroughs than I had planned.