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The Wii U Controller Now Works On PC Games, Courtesy Of This Handy Software

Kotaku: ''Reader Chris is doing the world a great service with his work transforming the Wii U's big pad into something you can use on a PC.'' (Tech, Wii U)

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1upgamer99  +   809d ago
WOW that was fast, I don't think Nintendo is going to like that LOL....
ChickeyCantor  +   809d ago
It's nothing fancy at all. It's using the Wii-U browser to send input to the server on your pc. The Wii-U needs to be turned on.

I hope someone makes a dongle that allows us to use the gamepad directly with the PC.

It would be awesome if I can extend the use of my gamepad to pc games as well.
RuperttheBear  +   809d ago
Yeah, that would be excellent. Playing games from my pc emulators on the controller while I'm away from the pc would be A Very Good Thing™.
classic200  +   809d ago
for some reason I think 2 years the wiiu will be emulated completely, I might not buy the wiiu. Who knows i might just buy the wiiu controller and their games but not the wiiu in 2 years.

Ok fans if your upset at-least I stated I will buy the games I need when ever they are release.
The Great Melon  +   809d ago
Actually Nintendo might appreciate that more since they are currently (I think) losing money on each Wii U they sell. As long as you are throwing money at software most hardware companies shouldn't complain. It takes awhile for consoles to break even typically.
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cleft5  +   809d ago
Pretty sure that controller is going to be like a $100, so yeah either way Nintendo gonna get a decent amount of your money.

Even if WiiU emulation does happen, the PCs that can emulate it are going to be very powerful. Meaning the people using the emulator already owns a WiiU or could have afforded one and just choose not to buy it and would never have brought it. So no lost to Nintendo really.
SolidStoner  +   809d ago
If people start to buy nintendo controllers for PC, I dont see any reason how it can hurt them... its not like people will stop playing Wii U and start using only a PC...

I use my PS3 dualshock on my PC, and love it, nintendo users could get some fun with those on PC...
bullymangLer  +   809d ago
dang, the wiiU game-pad just got ultra famous.
cleft5  +   809d ago
I hope Nintendo releases an official app for the PC to allow people to use all the functions of the WiiU controller on their PCs. Sort of like how Microsoft does with the Kinect.

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