Sharp, Hitachi Accused Of Price-Fixing Over DS LCD Screens

Sharp and Hitachi make the small LCD screens used by Nintendo on the DS. They're also in a bit of trouble! Both companies have been raided by Japan's antitrust regulator, after suspicions were raised that the pair have been involved in price-fixing over the handheld's screens. All very unsurprising, considering the popularity of the handheld and Nintendo's reliance on outside companies for the DS's components. None of the parties involved - Sharp, Hitachi, Nintendo or the regulators - have issued a statement regarding the allegations. If they're found guilty, it'll probably result in a lowering of screen prices and a reduction in costs for Nintendo.

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mighty_douche3942d ago

tut-tut... with the DS being uber successful was there really the need for this?

Then again im not on the board of Sharp or Hitchi, mind you, if i was id take my sack of DS cash and do one for Mexico!

Kyrue3942d ago

Hopefully this leads to a cheaper DS, or a cheap redesign. I wouldn't mind having a third DS haha.

Bnet3433942d ago

DS Lite needs no redesign, it's perfect.

ITR3942d ago

I wouldn't mind a slightly wider DSL with louder speakers, bigger and higher res dual screens.
I would buy another just for that. I wish Nintendo would go to a SD card type media so they can make larger and more detailed games. I'd be happy with a 2GB card now instead of the current 129mb limit.

Kyrue3942d ago

I will say that the DS Lite is great, but nothing is perfect, and the DS Lite is no exception. The d-pad could use an overhaul, as well as the buttons. Better LCD screens that don't have yellow tinting. Sturdier hinge so that they stop cracking. Those are fairly minor, but would be appreciated if Nintendo addressed these.