Dead Space 3 Will Feature Two Discs On Xbox 360

PGN - As expected, Dead Space 3 on the Xbox 360 will feature two discs needed for the Singleplayer portion of the title. For those who remember, Dead Space 2 also needed two discs.

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SOD_Delta1774d ago

Two disc for 360 and zero disc for PS3. Day one digital FTW. I hope more games go day one digital.

Nitrowolf21774d ago

isn't it DL for 360 Day one to? And don't I have you on my PSn Buddy list??

SOD_Delta1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

XBL doesn't gets day one digital (According to a friend). So I could be wrong, I'm not hundred percent if that is correct.

You're on my buddy list, Playing Black Ops 2.

konnerbllb1774d ago

Xbox users have to wait about six months after release for new titles to appear on the marketplace.

For whatever reason this is how MS wants it and they have recently said they don't plan to change this. It must be some type of deal worked out with retailers and marketing.

Fez1773d ago

PSN is rubbish for full retail games. They cost like £60 which is just crazy! It's like £15 cheaper to manufacture the discs and packaging, store them in a warehouse, ship them to shops and pay an employee to hand you the game...

chukamachine1773d ago

Your right, it's expensive.

But consider this.

Those stores you speak of are either bankrupt or having major problems.

Maybe that's the reason for the high price.

omi25p1773d ago

No the reason for the huge prices is because sony like to rip people off.

Dark_Overlord1773d ago


You do realise neither MS nor Sony set the prices for 3rd party stuff? It's the greedy publishers setting those prices.

sobekflakmonkey1773d ago

Sony likes to rip people off? even though you don't have to pay to play online? and if you have PS+ you get a buttload of free stuff for the price of 49$ a year?

What does microsoft give you? you pay for xboxlive gold just so that you can use services that you have already payed for....oh..and cross game chat....

FamilyGuy1773d ago

Ni no Kuni was $55 for day 1 digital, they might start giving more discount incentives on digital purchases like they did with that one.

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Smurf11774d ago

Well this is pretty pointless now. The next Xbox could have Blu Ray.

sobekflakmonkey1773d ago

and Sony would be making profit off the new xbox's sales..

ambientFLIER1773d ago

What do you think Sony Vaio computers run? MS software...

sobekflakmonkey1772d ago

That's very true ambientFLIER, but while windows usually comes on a computer when you buy one from a store, otherwise its usually a one time purchase, you have to think about the amount of money Microsoft would be spending buying blu-ray tech for their next xbox not to mention every time they would sell a game it would technically be profit for Sony; so every console, every disc that's sold, would be profit for Sony.

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