Hawken developer doesn’t want to exploit you with its free-to-play

Producer Jason Hughes explains how Adhesive Games is figuring out how to apply free-to-play to a traditionally niche genre.

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JeffGrubb1915d ago

If they don't exploit me then how will I know its free-to-play?

Sadie21001915d ago

I like the writer telling a story of gameplay in between his actual story. I feel like it's wartime reporting.

acronkyoung1915d ago

World War Mech was definitely our coolest war.

Bolts1915d ago

This is nothing more than marketing tripe. The devs have taken in millions of investors money and sooner or later those investors will demand a return for their cash.

That's when the exploiting will begin.

DeadlyFire1915d ago

True, but just because there might be a way for them to profit from the game doesn't always mean they make it exploitable. Its definitely possible they could let you earn everything they put up for sale as well with your playtime and rewards.