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Breaking: PSN's Highest Trophy Level Reached at Level 100

"I discovered something on the worldwide trophy leaderboards that wasn’t there yesterday, two PSN users (BIELERIC and Pockidrive) have hit level 100, and they are both at 1% in that level with one person having several hundred more “trophy points” then the other person also at level 100" (PS Vita, PS3)

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sinncross  +   795d ago
I guess if future versions of their console and handheld are going to use trophies they are going to need to up the cap for the sake of those trophy hunters like these ones.
guitarded77  +   795d ago
They will... before reading the article, I was thinking about when it was 50 and they raised the cap. I'm sure the PS4 will just further extend the trophy cap. I was delighted to get my 3,000th trophy this weekend... these guys are way more intense than I am.
killcycle  +   795d ago | Well said
I don't think they should raise the cap.
Let these trophy whores get some fresh air instead.

Makes sense to me, what you guys think?
Sorrow24  +   795d ago
Just got my 3,000th last week! :D
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   795d ago
I had almost 2000 on my old account (lost during the outtage, unvalid e-mail, my own fault) and just past 1000 on my new one this week... Not that I'm a real trophy whore, I guess I'm just a completionist when the games goes well with my taste, but still those 3000 trophies statements make me envy! Level 100 is just ridiculous though...
NukaCola  +   795d ago
Strange these two names just pop up like this. I was under the impression that the #1 guys was HAKOOM. The next guy was really far behind by over 50 platinums. I smell something fishy here.
joab777  +   795d ago
I don't know if these two are like the other guy who has 300 plays or my friend who has well over 200 But they get help from others and load them on. They have plays from rpgs, online games, and difficult games that take awhile and they would need to average a plat ever 4-5 with no break for years. Even though only a few are this high, if they plan on bringing it to ps4, they have to raise it. just make it 1000 or infinite. If these guys wanna spend every waking hours chasing these trophies, be my guest. I have found that most x it sucks the fun out. I have 30 + on ps3 and 20 or so on Xbox and use them as a vague guide but I stopped going to any length to get them.And rpgs, which are my favorite genre take awhile, so it's either enjoy these games or take part in an arbitrary competition that yields no rewards.
irepbtown  +   795d ago
Man, I'm only on 800 or so. And I have NO platinums... woops.

Seriously though, I just cannot get a platinum for a game. The closest I got was MW2 with around 90%+ completion. I just get lazy as I near that all important Platinum. Games like Infamous I tried really hard but just stopped.

I think it should be limitless. Or if there is a limit, maybe a reward for reaching a certain stage. E.G.) Reach lvl 10, you get a free PS One classic. Reach lvl 20, free voucher, reach lvl 30 free game from PS+ etc etc.
So as you get more trophies, the reward is better.

I think Xbox currently do it with achievements however they get points. This is something Sony could implement in PSN. Make it worth while reaching a higher lvl. Maybe even give rewards for the amount of platinums people get.

Heck I should work for Sony :D
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DeadlyFire  +   795d ago
I am only at 442 trophies.

I love that idea. Don't know if Sony would do it, but it would inspire more people to play more games. One would think.
Jaces  +   794d ago
I've taken a break from trophy hunting for a couple months but lately I've found myself going out of my way to obtain that Platinum. It's a hard habit to break but that "ding" is so dammed addicting.

Glad to announce I've broken 4,000 with 58 Platinums. :D
KidBroSweets2  +   794d ago
No need to raise the trophy cap. If they are just reaching the cap at the end of the PS3's era and there's only two people to do it than there's really no reason to. I bet 70% of people have no more than level 20
BitbyDeath  +   795d ago
I could be wrong but doesn't Vita have a separate count?

I'd imagine they'd do the same for PS4 if that is the case.
fabod86  +   795d ago
Nop. The total amount of trophies is not splitted.
BlindMango  +   795d ago
PSVita and PS3 both pour into the same trophy level, and I am 99.99% sure that the PS4 will too based on just looking at how the trophy system works
guitarded77  +   795d ago
Yeah, trophies are designed around the PlayStation Network, so they can have trophies on any future consoles linked to your profile. There is some talk about PlayStation Mobile games having trophies too.
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StraightPath  +   795d ago
Its time to come out of their basements and see the sun outside. Worthless and time wasting.
Your one bubble is worthless and time wasting. Not sure why it bothers some people that these gamers spend "their" every waking moment gaming. It's "THEIR" time after all.

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insomnium2  +   795d ago
@ blondie

I get what you are saying but it IS a waste of life for someone to play games this much. It cannot be healthy. I think playing this much causes more problems than solves.

On a sidenote I would really want to NOT have a life for a week or two. My backlog is miles long. I've been working on my Doom 3 BFG collection (don't know if I'll ever plat it though) for weeks and I'm not even through Doom 2 yet. Still Doom 3 to go. My gaming time is patheticly small atm.
Mio  +   795d ago
The 2 Guys BIELERIC and Pockidrive arent Trophy Hunters, they are Trophy Hackers. Using Jailbreak PS3 and also paying other ppl to plat Games for them.
No1 reached Level 100 legally by now, and hopefully Sony will bann those Guys soon, who ruin the Trophy System!!! This is unfair for ppl who playing honestly and legit.
Dark_Overlord  +   795d ago
BIELRERIC isn't a trophy hacker (he's on the clean leaderboard, this article links to the one that adds cheaters in too), though I totally agree he did not do them all himself (Really don't understand the point of not earning it yourself).
princejb134  +   794d ago
Idk how you would assume he didn't do it legit unless you know him personally
Maybe they are hackers maybe not
But theirs no way to find out u less Sony bans them with proof of them hacking
Mio  +   794d ago
Pockidrive you can clearly see that he using a Jailbreak PS3, its not possible to archive 300 Plats in few weeks.

And Bieleric i know 100% that he pay people to get him Platinums, few of them also hacked some Plats.

Both of them didnt archieve legit.

The headline should be "2 Hackers reached Level 100"
mauleriscool  +   794d ago
@Dark_Overlord Both BIELERIC and Pockidrive have cheated for Socom Confrontation trophies. Earning them all in the same day under 30 minutes from first trophy to platinum.
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Dark_Overlord  +   793d ago

Technically the SOCOM platinum isn't classed as cheating (Weird I know) its a bug in the game that allows this and not a trophy hacked save. A glitch like this is also possible on the BUZZ game, both are accepted as legit ways to get the plat as the saves have not been altered.
xtremeimport  +   795d ago
Umm...try going outside?
DOMination-  +   795d ago
Why is there a trophy cap at all?
LordHiggens  +   794d ago
Because...I play games a lot and I'm only at level 16...level 100 is ridiculous as far as I'm concerned.
the worst  +   795d ago
Fu$k this BS Network
does nothing but bash ps3
nit-picking a$$ site

but M$ and Apple cant do no wrong
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IAmLee  +   794d ago
That's one sad, lonely gamer.
mi_titan27  +   794d ago
Lets just say they were collecting trophies for 7yrs, w/ 450 platinums, thats roughly beating 65 games a yr. so he completes on avg. one or more game a week?
-Mika-  +   795d ago
Some people have too much time on their hands.
Enemy  +   795d ago
You post on internet forums. What makes you any different?

Edit: I see no difference at all, honestly. Some people put their time into gaming, others put equal hours into posting comments/reading relevant gaming news. Either way, both hobbies are gaming related.
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MidnytRain  +   795d ago
WTF? One takes SIGNIFICANTLY more time than the other. Come on, man...
Shadow Flare  +   795d ago
Spending 20 seconds writing a comment on a website that has news about a hobby which interests us is rather different to these people that spend years trophy whoring. Even renting games just for easy trophies and playing games JUST to get every trophy

I'm firmly in the camp of "that isn't impressive, that's pathetic"
GreenRanger  +   795d ago
@ Enemy
You can't really compare Mika to the gamers in the article.
She comments here often, but she doesn't live on here like a lot of other members obviously do.
The gamers at level 100 must spend their every waking moment on their PS3s, which is no way to live your life.
vickers500  +   795d ago

He also said reading. How much time do you people (Mika included) spend reading comments, articles, blog/forum posts, and how much time do you guys spend typing out some of the larger comments? That was his point. Add that all up, and it's likely that you're very close to the amount of time trophy whores spend on trophies. Unless you just check n4g once a day and only read the top stories.

There's almost no difference, other than the trophy whores spend more time actually playing games, where as others spend their time conversing with others on the internet.
Shadow Flare  +   795d ago

Sorry, you're comparing reading the news and keeping up to date with the latest info exactly the same as trophy whoring???

I'll tell you the difference. One is practical. You're keeping up to date with the news. The other is pointless. Utterly, utterly pointless. Trophy whoring gets you nothing. An absolute waste of time. And a massive, massive waste of time, and lest we forget, money as well.

Reading the news, the reward is the latest info, interesting and practical.

Trophy whoring, the reward is what exactly? Virginity? Like the above said, these people spend excessive, excessive time trophy whoring. I'd guess, way, way more then briefly checking the news. Absolute waste of time, it's not impressive, it's just sad. The only people who be impressed with a level 100 trophy level is kids. If you showed that to an adult, I think their first thought would be, how much time did spend doing that?
#2.1.5 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(7) | Report
BlindMango  +   795d ago
@Shadow Flare

I'll note that many people are made fun of for playing Call of Duty and Madden day in and day out without playing anything else for an entire year, while trophy whores are getting many different experiences and collecting and showing off their levels and stats.

So there are people that are all about a K/D ratio, or about a trophy level, or other things, is it wrong? Do you get anything in return for realistically playing almost any type of game? No, it's simply just how people enjoy playing their games.
Bimkoblerutso  +   795d ago
Look, I love gaming, but like everything else in the world it can reach an unhealthy level. I've got a couple of friends that game like this and it's NOT healthy.

There's no room to live a healthy life, either physically or mentally, when all your time is dedicated to one specific activity all day, every day.
vickers500  +   795d ago
"I'll tell you the difference. One is practical. You're keeping up to date with the news. The other is pointless. Utterly, utterly pointless. Trophy whoring gets you nothing. An absolute waste of time. And a massive, massive waste of time, and lest we forget, money as well."

That's not for you to say to others. What you find pointless, others may find fun and rewarding. While YOU personally may not get anything out of trophy whoring, that doesn't mean everyone else doesn't as well, so telling people who obviously enjoy getting trophies that they are getting nothing out of it is simply untrue, and reeks of ignorance and arrogance, like you think you know everything about these trophy whores.

All that reading news gets US is excited for a new game, where as trophies get trophy hunters excitement towards a new platinum. And if you're going to call trophies pointless and useless, then we're going to have to get into a whole new debate on what is pointless, because what is and isn't pointless is entirely subjective.

The point is, is that you are nobody to tell other people what they do and don't enjoy, so your declaration that reading news and commenting about games is somehow superior to spending extra time on games is completely full of crap.
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calis  +   795d ago
"Add that all up, and it's likely that you're very close to the amount of time trophy whores spend on trophies."

Seriously? Just no, not even close.
tommygunzII  +   795d ago
You can post here from anywhere, even from the woods out in the middle of nowhere.
All I can say is that I hope for that person's sake that there are 2 more roomates sharing the PS3.
darkpower  +   795d ago
Did it ever occur to anyone that these two people might just be damn good gamers?

Or did it ever occur to anyone that there are serious gaming competitions around the world that reward the winners handsomely?

Perhaps they are just better gamers than we are! We're probably just jealous at their epicness!
vickers500  +   795d ago
"the reward is the latest info, interesting and practical."

And for trophy hunters, the reward is the good feeling they get when they get their trophies. The same kind of feeling you get when you see "oh cool, a new screenshot has been released". There's nothing you can do with that except look at that picture and get a little bit excited, just as a trophy hunter can get a little bit excited when they finally get a hard trophy they've been after.

You're telling people what is and isn't okay to enjoy. You're saying trophy hunting is pointless and gives you no real world value. Guess what? Neither do video games. What are you going to get from a game that you can take out into the real world? Absolutely nothing but enjoyment (unless it's some educational game). You get literally the same thing from reading interesting game news as you do from getting trophies A GOOD FEELING (depending if you like trophies or not), THAT'S IT. Who are you to say that your good feeling is okay but theirs isn't?

But whatever, you're obviously not coming down off that high horse you believe yourself to be on. Go ahead, be an immature little brat, judge people for doing what they enjoy while thinking what you're doing is better, but you are not better than them. Not at all.

(btw to people other than shadowflare, I'm not saying either activity is wrong, just that they are basically the same, so don't think I'm trying to put any of you down, newsreaders or trophy hunters)
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WeAreLegion  +   795d ago
The difference is that you would literally have to spend ALL your free time getting trophies. ALL of it. Mika posts a few things a day. Maybe twenty minutes of N4G per day? At the most? Try eight hours of PS3 every day.
ABizzel1  +   795d ago
And here I thought I was doing something with my 15. LOL.
ambientFLIER  +   795d ago
Do people REALLY care about trophy leaderboards? Lol...
Baylex  +   795d ago
I guess they do. If not you wouldn't be posting here.
chcolatesnw  +   795d ago
that's such a generic and banal answer. childishly simple. doesn't even answer his question...
Baylex  +   795d ago
Off all the posts I don't know what is it more childishly, if it is mine or your's..
And I guess it answers.. you should read it again, and again if necessary until you understand the concept of the answer to his question..
Do people care about leaderboards? the answer is YES!!
Leviathan  +   795d ago
I know for a fact BIELERIC (#1) is a trophy hacker. If you don't believe it can be done go google it.
yeahokchief  +   795d ago
It's interesting to look at, but no.

If you look at BIELERIC trophies, he either has an insane amount of money to throw away or he's getting free games and having a pool of people playing them at a video game store perhaps.

What makes me think this is that he has fighters like MvC3 100%d and much easier platinums not earned for a few games.

He also has multiple versions of a few games padding his trophy score.

I'm assuming he works somewhere where he gets access to free games and can have people play on his account. Either that or he's loaded. Either way there's no point in padding your trophy score like this. It doesn't get you anything. And I give no respect looking at the games he played to get there. It's 2013 and he's just started to play Grand Theft Auto IV this year.

I don't think he is legit.
#3.3 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
admiralvic  +   795d ago
Someone figures out how to flat out hack trophies.
Nextgenupdate gets an update to do it.
Someone hits level 100.

Yup, totally legit and worth an article.
BlindMango  +   795d ago
I'll point out that PSNProfiles is huge on finding cheaters, one has cheated to get there, and the other has supposedly gotten there legitimately. The legitimacy of getting to that level is not the reason for writing this article though.
admiralvic  +   795d ago
The tracking method PSNProfiles uses is based off trophy unlock times, so if you can freely edit the trophy data, the system means absolutely nothing.

Also I disagree about the article. If people can't hit the cap without cheating, what difference does it make if that is the current cap?
cero55  +   795d ago
WOW... i guess if they had fun doing it its ok?
But i really think that trophies should unlock ingame items or avatars instead of hashing out dlc all the time.
I remember playing Catherine and each trophy unlocks a piece of music i found myself doubling my hours on the game.
Tetsujin  +   795d ago
In Catherine the final boss music is a remix from DDR song "Kakume" (if that's the correct spelling) which I found interesting.

I do agree however; more in game content to unlock to actually give that drive to keep going instead of "ding" and that's it.
cero55  +   795d ago
Yeah if songs made me put more hours into the game imagine costumes,weapons or even little sidequests.
ZeroChaos  +   795d ago
LOL a trophy article without mentioning Hakoom. Wow.
BlindMango  +   795d ago
lol, I believe Hakoom was first to reach level 50, when it was capped there. Not this time around! He's trophy level 79 now and is in 13th place worldwide, still not bad at all if you ask me!
ZeroChaos  +   795d ago
True I give the guy credit where credit is due, its just a bit funny, trophy and hakoom normally go hand in hand on this site. Its a bit refreshing not to see him mentioned :P
Marceles  +   795d ago
When the trophy leaders get passed up, they start telling websites to remove their names from rge boards. Guess it's a pride thing
azshorty2003  +   795d ago
I just hit level 12 and my 2nd Platinum the other day. Whoo Hoo for me! :)
BlindMango  +   795d ago
Very nice! I just got my 39th platinum trophy in Sound Shapes! =D
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dsfwefdfgerg   795d ago | Spam
hiredhelp  +   795d ago
Ok whos a trophy whore... Gulp red face puts hand up.
snowman2149  +   795d ago
Keep in mind that most of these "trophy hunters" are actually a team of a huge number of players alternating every now and then so in reality, its not that impressive.
jocomat9  +   795d ago
exactly what i was thinking. I bet none of them have the warhawk plat. So im superior
stormtwomey83   795d ago | Spam
xTHRASHx  +   795d ago
Hm, seems the Billeric guy is the only authentic one.
Nes_Daze  +   795d ago
No offense, but that's a tough life.
littlegamer  +   795d ago
if you check those ppl
they have used hacks on nearly all of there torphies
1 guy got 300 plats in 1 week, thats imposible
those players are not legit
sony really needs to clean the leaderboards of those users instead or raising the cap
this site has legit users
www.psnprofiles.com this one even has dirty leaderboards so u can difrentiate
Sci0n  +   795d ago
I only got like 300 trophies lol, I mainly play online games and allot of them don't support trophies and every once in awhile I will dabble into campaigns.
Level 6 w/316 trophies.

Get at me. lol ._____.
#16 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SyKrysus  +   795d ago
Trophies/Achievements ruin games. Nuff said.
Veneno  +   795d ago
MasterCornholio  +   795d ago
LOL i still remember the days when xbots told me that the PS3 would fail due to the lack of an achievement system.

LOL funny days indeed.
Sci0n  +   795d ago
I can see how trophies and achievements can take the fun away from games for some and make gaming seem like a choor but for others its really fun and competitive and they want to work hard to achieve every trophy especially the tough to get ones
#19 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
arbitor365  +   795d ago
but what do you want to bet that alot of these higher up people used hacks and whatnot, or had other people help them?
sdplisken  +   795d ago
i love trophies, sony should you you a free reward for every platinum IMO

an exclusive avatar would be sweet
i mean if someone platinums GT5 then they should get something to show off!
admiralvic  +   795d ago
Isn't the platinum trophy enough? I mean it is in fact something they can show off lol.
Soldierone  +   795d ago
They had rewards in a beta that did just that. It was "in direct" but after testing it, getting trophies increased your rank. When you ranked up you got an avatar.

Dunno what they are doing with it. The beta ended a year ago and no one has heard of it since.
gobluesamg  +   795d ago
I gave up on serious trophy hunting. It was taking the fun out of games for me. I would constantly be checking trophy guides while playing. I am back to old school playing games for fun how I want to play them.
Soldierone  +   795d ago
Why do people go out of their way to cheat with these things? Makes no sense. If its your hobby, you do it, and show off. If you can't do it, why cheat? Whats there to show off? You didn't actually earn it, so what is the point?

Its irratating because it ruins it for those that actually do the hobby. People trying and literally earning things stand no chance because of exploits. Happens in almost everything related to gaming .
ItsTrue  +   795d ago
Well the only reason I see why people need to cheat is because they are unable to accomplish something on their own. They may think they're "cool", but they're just insecure of themselves.
Soldierone  +   794d ago
Thats the thing I don't get. What makes them think this makes them "cool"? The second I find out they cheated to get it, I lose all respect for it. "Oh I had 10 others help me get this trophy rank!" or "I have cheats so I'm 'good' at Call of Duty"

You suck, just find a new hobby your good at. Its like the old days when people go "I beat the game in one hour!" you go check their save and they beat it on ultra easy and didn't do a single side objective at all. Making matters worse you play them in multiplayer and might as well just play a standing still bot.

Almost as bad as people that steal other peoples drawings and say they did it themselves, but couldn't draw a stick figure if their life depended on it.
Pathosverdes3  +   795d ago
Dont they have parents or someone to warn them about the health hazards? Someone has been buying those games after all.
barrypotter  +   795d ago
who cares if someone cheats to get trophies. if they paided for the games they can do what they want with them
Erudito87  +   795d ago
how do they cheat? i really dont get it
despair  +   795d ago
they have multiple persons playing on the same account offline collecting trophies on multiple ps3 then they log in to sync them all one after the other. Its how sometimes you see dozens of trophies collected at the same time for multiple games.

Thats the one I know, I'm sure there are others.
Erudito87  +   795d ago
all of it sounds like sooo much work and why would anyone work on somebody trophy list?
despair  +   795d ago
Actually its pretty easy, just game for a few months offline like normal and then sync the trophies. I don't think its so much that they are working on someone's trophy list as much as the user is a representation of their group. Remember people do strange things to be the best at something, even something inconsequential as trophy hunting.
zep  +   795d ago
there's a lot of method like edtiting save file or with a cfw ps3 you can dl a save file that will automatically give you the trophy you want there also cheat device like gamegenie for NA and codefreak for JP that will give you max health,money,ammo etc but still be able to get the trophy
frankiebeans  +   795d ago
we need the power of the ps4 to extend the trophy count according to all the fanboys lol
e-p-ayeaH  +   795d ago
pointless there´s ways to hack the trophy system.
madara0sama  +   794d ago
Wish I had that much free time.
isntchrisl  +   794d ago
This is why some games tell you to go outside at the end of the credits. It's clear these guys don't get that far into the credits. Once that Platinum pops up, it's disc swap time.

This is pee-in-a-jar territory.
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