Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns explained in pictures for those that don’t read good

OPM: You can read a more detailed Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns PS3 preview here if you want to drill into the specifics. However, if you just want pictures to fall into your eyes and tell you what’s going on then here you go. The combat, characters, settings and all the rest explained.

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isalas0119811948d ago

Apparently the author does not have good grammar either! Wow!!! LOL

For the title to be grammatically correct, it should state "don't read 'well'"

trenso11948d ago

Well now all those people that bashed the costumes can see they serve a purpose, glad to see its not jut an aesthetic

MaideninBlack1948d ago

Like the dress sphere in X-2?

-Gespenst-1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

The dressphere system was awesome anyway. It was fast, slick, tactical and a joy to behold.

Gamer dudes are all just too uptight and misogynistic.

Also, Lumina looks like Serah mixed with Yeul.

chadwarden1948d ago

Lightning looks good in any costume