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4 Ways Pokemon X and Y are Different From the Rest of the Series

If you haven’t heard by now a new Pokemon game is going to be released this October. The new game will feature an entirely different region to explore with new Pokemon. Although those aren't the only things different this time around. Some of the traditional attributes of Pokemon games are going to be left behind. Here are 4 Ways Pokemon X and Y are Different From the Rest of the Series. (3DS, Nintendo DS, Pokemon, Pokemon X and Y, Retro)

360ICE  +   864d ago
A little obvious maybe? But kind of a neat list. I like the new direction, and I hope we'll get plenty of first generation Pokémon!
TruthbeTold  +   864d ago
I'm so excited for this game, and the promise that it holds, I can't read enough articles about it at the moment.
ShinMaster  +   863d ago
Same here, but
the article didn't point out anything different between this game and the others aside from the fact that's it's in 3D now...

No new info here if any of you are looking for that.
gunnerforlife  +   863d ago
is that it? sorry i expected more.
i want them to go back to Kanto and Johto new story and everything (sorry i want ASH to go back to kanto and johto) and actually win a f*ck*ng tornument.
Norrison  +   863d ago
Pokemon games never had anything to do with ash. You don't know what you're talking about
vork77  +   863d ago
1 its the first full 3D hand held pokemon game to be made?
kesvalk  +   863d ago
he forgot that the trailer showed a glimpse of co-op.

i think co-op is way more important than the game being in 3d.
Steadyhndz  +   863d ago
First 2 points are completely the same exact thing, it's 3D...we know this...everyone does...literally.

Setting based in Europe? No, just because a building similar to the Eiffel Tower is in the background does not mean it'll be set in Europe in any way.

Worldwide Release does not mean a whole lot to anyone other than Nintendo. For Pokemon fans that are excited about this...all I have to say is you would feel the same way even if you had to wait for the game. If you really cared that some Japanese people got the play the game before you did then you have too much time on your hands.
TruthbeTold  +   863d ago
What are you talking about? One of the biggest frustrations to Pokemon gamers who don't live in Japan has been the extra wait for games while Japan has already had them for months. It may not bother you for some reason, but it IS a big deal.

That being said, the rest of your post... Why are you being so petty?
Steadyhndz  +   863d ago
For one...it is not a big deal. If you're really that upset because some people thousands of miles away who you don't care about are able to play a game before, you really need to set your priorities...Anticipating to play a game...that's fine in my book but being upset that the is out in one place but not in another, then you're a bit messed up in the head. You're contributing to the average American really.

I'm not being petty, I'm simply stating the truth.
TruthbeTold  +   863d ago
Your grasping at imagined extremes and absolute judgments is pathetic. You have no idea what someone's priorities in life are based simply on the fact that they'd rather have a game sooner rather than later. You're just bitching, and trying to do it from up on some high horse. Get over yourself.

You're talking messed up in the head, and American stereotypes, while arrogantly trashing a simple but acceptable article, being a downer for no reason that makes any sense, then telling other people that they are upset. Seriously...
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wingman32x  +   863d ago
I can't wait to see what these guys do with AR. That could be a big unique aspect to this series.

Since they like to encourage local multiplayer, could you imagine something like face to face AR battles? It seems kind of difficult to do, but that could be a really cool gameplay mode.
profgerbik  +   863d ago
I am just happy to see Pokemon finally taking a new direction. I mean of course there have been spin-offs but the basis of Pokemon in it's essence for the most part has always been the same old 2D game.

Fun none the less but they were getting old. I am just glad to see this, hopefully it lives up to the expectations knowing fans these days.. Over reacting over everything.

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