The Free Bundle is Free

There is a bundle out there, that is free. It defies logic really as when you have somebody give their product away, rarely does that person offer something else to go alongside it. It’s almost too good of an offering for somebody to reasonably offer.

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Bathyj1298d ago

Is that a Simpsons quote?

Everything sounds like a Simpsons quote to me.

Bathyj1298d ago

Na na na na, na na na na, Leeeader!

inf3cted11298d ago

This bundle does not make them free. They were free anyway.

1nsomniac1298d ago

Thank you for clarifying that the free'ness is free...

1nsomniac1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

double post

Squall50051298d ago

Check out the trailer for Abobo's Big Adventure. It looks fucking awesome.

metalgod881298d ago

It really does. It's a huge mashup of different games into this one adventure haha. Looks pretty awesome. But actually, they all look really great and they should all be proud of the quality of their games. I'm sharing this to everyone I know. These indie devs deserve some donations man.

Wigriff1298d ago

I played Abobo’s Big Adventure, and you are correct; it's fucking incredible. They did an amazing job with it.

kesvalk1297d ago

turbo tunnel in 3d >.<