Chris Hecker has Wii U devkit, will see if SpyParty works on the console

Chris Hecker, who famously said Wii was essentially two GameCubes duck taped together, is now looking into SpyParty for Wii U.

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PopRocks3591867d ago

Hopefully he can make it work on the platform. The more you can expand your audience, the better.

EddieNX 1867d ago

Now he has about 50 Gamecube duck taped together lol...

wiiulee1867d ago

the more games and more potential bring out more silly haters, thats not going to stop,,,,,,,give him a pair of sony's 3d glasses so the games look shinier

RFornillos41867d ago

Chris Hecker did mention in his blog that the whole "Two GC duct taped together" was a statement he did make, but was taken out of context. naturally, out of sheer professional "journalism".

1867d ago