Lightning Returns uses “open world” connection for travel

Following today’s earlier leak, more new details have come out regarding Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, including world travel information and estimated clear time.

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ritsuka6661818d ago

Every new final fantasy game is bound to create new fans and haters. SE clearly is delivering one AMAZING game for all FFXIII fans. This is a fields day for fans like me. For those who didnt like FFXIII, I guess you are just going to have to endure.

Hellsvacancy1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I think the new Final Fantasy Creed looks far from "AMAZING"

But what do I know, ive only been a fan of the series for fifteen years

blitz06231817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Why do I feel like this whole 'open world' concept has gotten too much in Square's head that they're just making this game to make an open world game?

First they release XIII-2 just to make a game with NPCs, towns, shops and sidequests. Now they're gonna make an open world game just for the sake of making an open world game.

Just make Versus and/or FFXV (unless they're the same thing) what the fans want, please?

Ultr1817d ago

I enjoyed XIII.
Still have to play XIII-2
I like Lightning

torchic1817d ago

I think the problem with Lightning is not her as a character, but rather her voice actress.

yaz2881817d ago


yeah 100% agree. although it is not that bad but the jap one is so much better ( why on earth isn't it included in the desk?)

Darrius Cole1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )


Because the big-wigs at Square-Enix KNOW that ALL westerners would prefer the English-speaking voice actors to the Japanese voice actors. They know that people in the west don't turn on the Japanese voices and read the subtitles.

No one actually do that right,...


(sarcasm) as if you couldn't tell.

IAmLee1817d ago

It's annoying me, it's like they are trying to make Lightning an Iconic character and it's just not happening. Personally I think they should scrap this and focus on Verses 13 and x HD.

I've been a FF fan all my life, but 13 is just a mess.

Awesome_Gamer1817d ago

Lightning is a good character actully (imo), but I don't like the games she's been in, that is all.

TheTwelve1817d ago

Square has somehow managed to make a really pretty girl really boring

souga_houjou_jin1816d ago

the 13 saga is a big pile of s...
the numbers show this anw....ff13 sold more than 6 mil and ff13-2 only 2 mil....shows how crap the game is...13-3 will sale same numbers as 13-2 if not less...

square enix can try all they want with this title to have similarities with versus but it wont change a thing....that trash game is already doomed to fail.

square enix get over this trash and bring us the REAL ff game...ff versus

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betan211817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

ugh... its SE trying to make a fast $$$ ill pass..

AdmiralSnake1817d ago

I'm confused by this information. It's like they want to create more freedom....but restrict you at the same time ?

It does sound more open world though. I guess the monorail is basically like an airship.

At least they have different options of going through the story, ill give them that.

DragonKnight1817d ago

Yay, limitations in an rpg is just what we've always wanted!!!! /s

Honestly, with each new bit of information this game looks worse and worse. There should be no "fans" of this game, but hey a lot of people have poor taste and don't like good Final Fantasy games. This game shouldn't exist, but the faster this turd is pushed out, the sooner we can forget about the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and SE's foolish attempt at making Lightning a mascot.

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