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Submitted by Lavalamp 1138d ago | news

Lightning Returns uses “open world” connection for travel

Following today’s earlier leak, more new details have come out regarding Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, including world travel information and estimated clear time. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

ritsuka666  +   1138d ago
Every new final fantasy game is bound to create new fans and haters. SE clearly is delivering one AMAZING game for all FFXIII fans. This is a fields day for fans like me. For those who didnt like FFXIII, I guess you are just going to have to endure.
Hellsvacancy  +   1138d ago
I think the new Final Fantasy Creed looks far from "AMAZING"

But what do I know, ive only been a fan of the series for fifteen years
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blitz0623  +   1138d ago
Why do I feel like this whole 'open world' concept has gotten too much in Square's head that they're just making this game to make an open world game?

First they release XIII-2 just to make a game with NPCs, towns, shops and sidequests. Now they're gonna make an open world game just for the sake of making an open world game.

Just make Versus and/or FFXV (unless they're the same thing) what the fans want, please?
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Ultr  +   1138d ago
I enjoyed XIII.
Still have to play XIII-2
I like Lightning
torchic  +   1138d ago
I think the problem with Lightning is not her as a character, but rather her voice actress.
yaz288  +   1138d ago

yeah 100% agree. although it is not that bad but the jap one is so much better ( why on earth isn't it included in the desk?)
Darrius Cole  +   1138d ago

Because the big-wigs at Square-Enix KNOW that ALL westerners would prefer the English-speaking voice actors to the Japanese voice actors. They know that people in the west don't turn on the Japanese voices and read the subtitles.

No one actually do that right,...


(sarcasm) as if you couldn't tell.
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elda  +   1138d ago
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IAmLee  +   1138d ago
It's annoying me, it's like they are trying to make Lightning an Iconic character and it's just not happening. Personally I think they should scrap this and focus on Verses 13 and x HD.

I've been a FF fan all my life, but 13 is just a mess.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1137d ago
Lightning is a good character actully (imo), but I don't like the games she's been in, that is all.
TheTwelve  +   1138d ago
Square has somehow managed to make a really pretty girl really boring
souga_houjou_jin  +   1136d ago
the 13 saga is a big pile of s...
the numbers show this anw....ff13 sold more than 6 mil and ff13-2 only 2 mil....shows how crap the game is...13-3 will sale same numbers as 13-2 if not less...

square enix can try all they want with this title to have similarities with versus but it wont change a thing....that trash game is already doomed to fail.

square enix get over this trash and bring us the REAL ff game...ff versus
betan21  +   1138d ago
ugh... its SE trying to make a fast $$$ ill pass..
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MizTv  +   1138d ago
Too little to late
AdmiralSnake  +   1138d ago
I'm confused by this information. It's like they want to create more freedom....but restrict you at the same time ?

It does sound more open world though. I guess the monorail is basically like an airship.

At least they have different options of going through the story, ill give them that.
DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
Yay, limitations in an rpg is just what we've always wanted!!!! /s

Honestly, with each new bit of information this game looks worse and worse. There should be no "fans" of this game, but hey a lot of people have poor taste and don't like good Final Fantasy games. This game shouldn't exist, but the faster this turd is pushed out, the sooner we can forget about the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and SE's foolish attempt at making Lightning a mascot.
Summons75  +   1138d ago
Lol they confirm open world and people still complain. This only proves people are only complaining to complain and haven't actually played the other two entries or know what they're taking about. Oh well, having played Ff for 20 years I enjoyed both 13's and I hope I enjoy this one too ( the whole time thing worries me, same reason I didn't enjoy majora's mask was because of the 3 day time limit even with the restart song)
DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
Are you serious? Have you bothered to watch the trailer for this game and look up the info available? You think open world is the only thing that makes a good game? Let me tell you what's wrong with this game.

For starters the limitations. This game is full of them. A clock for how long you need to beat the game that continues counting down unless you're in a menu. A limit on the amount of items you're allowed to carry. And that's only the limitations we've been told about so far.

NPC's that move around and give different info. By itself that doesn't sound so bad, except when you factor in that you have limited time to beat the game so missing crucial information due to time constraints IS A BAD THING!

Information can only be obtained at specific times. Yay, you can miss crucial information. Just what an RPG needs am I right?

The faster you play, the better rewards you get. Because an RPG is all about beating the game as fast as possible right? Oh wait, no it isn't.

And then there's this B.S. about costume changes like they matter. FFX-2 may have been Charlie's Angels meets Mr. Dressup, but at least the outfits had a purpose because they were jobs. This crap of having over 20 outfits and allowing you to change the colours is just unnecessary filler and by itself wouldn't be much of a thing except for some reason it's been made a focus.

Oh but an open world makes it teh bestest game evar!

In 25 years of Final Fantasy I thought nothing could get worse than Mystic Quest. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy proved that wrong.
AdmiralSnake  +   1138d ago
It's like you haven't read anything they've said at all. People were raging about the whole time thing, they then confirmed and said, you can EXTEND time, it's just unknown on HOW you can do so.

You don't have a limited time to beat the game...lmaooo. I'm almost sure the final fantasy guru's on gamefaqs will figure this game easily and help people like you who rage about every damn thing ^_^!

There isn't any set amount of time to beat the game and if there is, people will figure out how to extend time until they're ready to beat the game lol.

Did you fail to read that dragon ? You're almost one of the first to come on these articles and YET, you didn't even include that to your post, sad and you're suppose to be a final fantasy fan, pfft.

Let me include, they more or less had features like this in FF13-2, it was very limited and that was with the weather system on one of areas where, the different weather affects which monsters would come.

I don't even know why you would complain about the information at different time thing. They have that in almost every final fantasy game, one way or the other. Probably NOT like this one, but there's been various ways you can unlock certain events or NPC's by doing triggering something else.
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DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
"It's like you haven't read anything they've said at all. People were raging about the whole time thing, they then confirmed and said, you can EXTEND time, it's just unknown on HOW you can do so."

A) A time limit in an RPG game is NEVER a good thing no matter how much you try to sugar coat it. B) There is no mention of how long this "extension" is. C) KEEPING THE METHOD A SECRET IS STUPID AND AGAIN NOT SOMETHING AN RPG NEEDS! It's clear you don't give a damn how bad this game is, how much it detracts from basic rpg staples and specific Final Fantasy staples, you just want more Lightning. The worst character to ever be created in a series that includes Quina and Cait Sith.

"You don't have a limited time to beat the game...lmaooo. I'm almost sure the final fantasy guru's on gamefaqs will figure this game easily and help people like you who rage about every damn thing ^_^!"

Oh forgive me, I thought it was official that the game has a timer. Wait a second, IT DOES HAVE A TIMER! Do you know what that means? That means you have a limited amount of time to beat the game. Oh but of course everyone should rely on gamefaqs to play an RPG the proper way and not figure things out for themselves in a game that's part of a genre where figuring things out and taking your time is pretty much the basic premise of the games.

"There isn't any set amount of time to beat the game and if there is, people will figure out how to extend time until they're ready to beat the game lol."

There is a set amount of time to beat the game, THAT'S WHY THERE IS A TIMER THAT CONTINUES TO COUNT DOWN UNLESS YOU'RE IN A MENU! Also, redundant sentence is redundant.

"Did you fail to read that dragon ? You're almost one of the first to come on these articles and YET, you didn't even include that to your post, sad and you're suppose to be a final fantasy fan, pfft."

What? WTF, do you even know how to speak properly? I'm almost one of the first to come on these articles and yet I didn't include that I'm almost one of the first people to come on these articles in my post and that makes me not a Final Fantasy fan? Are you serious? Look, if you want to like sh*tty games, that's your problem. Don't expect anyone else to be happy about limitations in an RPG. How convenient it was for you to omit the limitations on items, the focus on dressup, the moving NPC's in a time sensitive game, the information you can only get at a specific time or you're screwed. Oh but you'd rather be redundant and fail at basic comprehension about official information that states that there's a G.D. time limit to beat the game.

You obviously don't even grasp the basic core mechanics of the RPG genre or Final Fantasy in general. You probably want this game so you can continue staring at Lightning the whole time. I can't wait for this piece o' shite game to be released, tank, and finally for FF to move away from it so we don't have to suffer through bad games propped up by apologisers just as bad as those who think DmC is a good game too.
ZoyosJD  +   1137d ago
i read up on this a bit. once the timer runs out you a forced into a fight with the final boss. if you die during this fight it restarts at the begining of the thirteen days on the timer. it is possible to engage the final boss without waiting for the timer to run out. the timer expends time with the use of special moves, trasportation, and of course time passing.

Just because these limitations are in place does not mean the game will be bad. maybe you should wait for info or do some research before criticizing. if you have already decided that this game will be bad or that you will never play it then just say so instead of spouting off because you think this is negatively impacting your wait on another game that may or may not be released before this gen ends.
R6ex  +   1138d ago
More action based battles?

Hmm ... I like!
PsnGammer21  +   1138d ago
Even though this one is shaping up to be the worst I still did somewhat enjoy the first two and think that lightning is an alright character even though the is a gender swap for cloud but for real like everyone says they (se) need to focus on the reall final fantasy games even though the two being made one seems to be stuck in limbo well to be more correct both versus and hd 10 are stuck -_-
kent80082007  +   1138d ago
It's sad the jrpg makers don't even know waht jrpgs are anymore, from the first final fantasy we've always been selecting commands from the battle menu, there's nothing fancy, it's about tactics not the action, like when to use a mana potion or consume a turn for a heal spell, now they want to be like western rpgs and become action oriented and got lost in the way, there's not enough action nor tactics, consequently the only thing they can come up with is a half bake like the ATB system, a battle system so shallow I got bored after pushing the same button over and over agian
baodeus  +   1138d ago
Then I think you should tell dragon knight above to stop wasting time demanding for FF13VS because it doesn't have that same tactic gaming you are talking about either. In fact it is all real time battle and even have 3rd person view for shooting.

It just strike me how hypocrite people are for blaming everything on FF13 series for derailing from traditional FF series, but turn right around supporting a game that derailed even further?

I think it might have nothing to do with the game itself, it might have to do with the "exclusive" tag on a certain preferred console.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1138d ago
It has nothing to with being exclusive or not. If you are a fan of a game the most important thing to you is whether or not the game itself is good not whether or not it's exclusive.

I'm of the opinion that real time combat is the way FF needs to go and that turn based random encounter gameplay is dated. I feel like FF12's battle system was a step in the right direction for FF. Sure it wasn't perfect, but that is why you improve upon it instead of ditching it for a worse system.

With that said, it wouldn't be hypocritical for me to like FFVS13 battle system. As for everyone else... it's a bit more complicated. The FF13 trilogy as a whole has a lot of things wrong with it. The battle system isn't the only thing wrong with game. For VS13 while the combat system may not be a traditional FF battle system, other aspects of VS13 is more inline with the FF series. Lets not forget that FF13's battle system is going to be similar to the Kingdom Heart series. I'm sure a lot of FF fans are also KH fans so FF13's battle system isn't necessarily going to be the worst thing in the world to them. Also we have visual footage of them game in action. So far I didn't see any red flags about the combat system or the game in general. VS13 just looks so damn good.
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josephayal  +   1138d ago
This game has the potential to match Final Fantasy 7
yaz288  +   1138d ago
just reading some of the comments above really hurt my ears..
these comment are full of rage and shit which is really sad because it is over a game.
elda  +   1137d ago
I've played all the FF titles except the online one (11),I have my favorites but I really had fun playing all of them & FF-XIII is one of them & happens to be one of my favorites,It's all about different strokes for different folks,you can't please everyone & people shouldn't be looked down upon or be told they don't know or played a FF game because they didn't like or couldn't get into FF-XIII.
catch  +   1137d ago
I agree I am a huge fan of all the FF games and jrpgs in general but I like when games try something different so I am looking forward to this.

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