God of War: Chains of Olympus Demo now on PSP Store.

Highly anticipated PSP title makes its PSP Store demo debut.

You may need to log in to your PSP Store account to see/access the file.


Demo is also available through PS3 PSN (US/Canada at least) in the PSP Demo subfolder.

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Neo-Delta3953d ago

Not for me. I live in Ireland and the demo hasnt been in our stores.

kspraydad3953d ago

I can't believe I can get this quality of game (and with such a great pedigree) on my handheld.

Just wow.

rofldings3953d ago

Oh snap, downloading it now.

rofldings3953d ago

btw, is this the demo with the upped cpu speed on the psp?

kspraydad3953d ago

wouldn't that be automatic?

Runs smooth.

slymaddox3953d ago

It has to. I am playing on the first gen PSP and there are very noticeable slow downs throughout the game. If someone could confirm no slowdowns on PSP Slim that would be great.

Marceles3953d ago

I think they'll clean that up in the final version...from the reviews i havent heard of it slowing down, but on the demo it slows down when you fall down the ladder, and the other time after you fight the boss and start running on the beach...but it's not all throughout the game...just those 2 parts

Gondee3953d ago

if kratos has nice shadows and the blood kinda remains on the ground then its the unzipped version. If not is runnong 222mhz

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kspraydad3953d ago

If you refer to the GDC you will remember/note that a direct to PSP store (through WIFI) will becoming in due course.

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The story is too old to be commented.