Microsoft makes handheld gaming move at last

Firm's portable MP3 player Zune welcomes its first games titles; compatibility with XNA output revealed: During the firm's keynote at GDC today, Microsoft revealed that its Zune portable music player was staking a claim in the handheld gaming space by being able to play games made using XNA Game Studio.

XNA general manager Chris Satchell demonstrated the portability of code between Zune, Xbox 360 and Games for Windows platforms, saying games could be developed on PC using XNA Game Studio and then loaded onto others.

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Iron Man 23650d ago


Is this Microsofts attempt to enter the handhelp market,via the Zune,both the Apple Ipod and PlayStation® Portable will always give the Zune a good a*s pounding in popularity and sales total


gambare3650d ago

XNA games will be free?

gambare3649d ago

umm... by the number of disagrees that means ... no

RecSpec3650d ago

Well, it's something. I mean there are no iPod games out there worth buying. (Phase comes close. VERY close)

Ghoul3650d ago

well awesome IF the zune wouldnt be such an immense flop.

Mr Murda3650d ago

Unnecessary comment. Zune is hardly a flop. No one had the expectations, including MS, that it would be the ipod killer. Only the media hyped it up for that to be the expectation. It's in second place in the mp3 player market (granted with a large margin between 1 and 2) and is a good device. I have an ipod Touch, ipod shuffle, 8GB Zune, and 30GB Zune. I like each of these devices for different reasons. I'm excited about the possibility of free games for the Zune as one more thing I can do with this already cool gadget.

If you don't like it, fine. No need to call it a flop when it isn't.

Dareaver13650d ago

i think the zune is a great success, the fact that it took the #2 spot is very impressive. The fact that it's being compared to the already successful I-pod is a showing achievement. No company has made a Mp3 player device worth mentioning other than I-pod. the fact that you can have a conversation with people and ask what do you think about the Zune, shows that support is growing. That's a direct result from marketplace awareness. You can't just walk up to people and ask, what do you think about Sansa's mp3 players, or any other company's. But what M$ has done is made a real competitor. And if you like C/Net, they actually rated the Zune Higher than the I-pod.

The only problem with the Zune as of this moment, is the fact that it doesn't interface with Mac computers and even Windows Media Players own software. If they fix that, then i think the Zune can really start making people think a little bit longer on a decision between it and the I-pod.

BloodySinner3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

If the Zune is a flop, then I suppose all of the other MP3 players in the market today which also happen to be directly competing with the Apple iPod are "flops" as well.

As I stated a few weeks back. Had the Zune device been available in my area at the time, I would have bought it over the iPod in a heartbeat. That's not say the Apple iPod isn't good, it's just that when you compare the specs/features of both devices, Zune has the edge.

Ghoul3650d ago

hmm strange

ok maybe it isnt but then in realyl wondering couse i havent seen a zune in the wild at all (europe)

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