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Wii U sells 307k in Japan, 160k copies of Mario and 10k Zombi U sold

Early reports from Japan are saying that the Wii U sold 307k this weekend in Japan. That's less than the Wii did in 2006. (New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U, ZombiU)

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chadboban  +   992d ago
Has it even been a full week yet. It launched on December 8th over there if I recall correctly?

Correct me if I'm wrong though.
Abash  +   992d ago
Solid start for Wii U but Vita had a similar opening and trudged along in sales soon after it launched, Im hoping that doesnt happen with Wii U though
chadboban  +   992d ago
I wish it didn't happen to the Vita though. It's a great handheld that's losing support from developers due to it's low sales. A price cut may be what Sony has to resort to, similar to what Nintendo had to do with the 3DS.
darthv72  +   992d ago
an advantage the wii-u has the vita doesnt. It can play all existing wii games where as the vita only does them in digital form (some not all).

Wii-u will likely be sold "in-place-of" the wii as people will see there is a better value in that this system not only playing its own library but that of the wii as well.

Go figure, BC was something really touted by Sony when they brought out the PS2 but somehow now Nintendo is the one to tout that and it may just work to their favor.

@chadboban...the 3ds also offered ds/dsi bc unlike the vita and psp umd games. The price cut helped get people to see the 3ds was the ds/dsi on steroids. They didnt have to sacrifice their existing library of games.

Sony isnt suffering the same acceptance issues with the vita like they saw with the pspgo but you cant deny that the ability to play hundreds of quality umd games on a much improved unit would have been a seller.
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Shok  +   992d ago
Yea, these sales in just 2 days is pretty impressive.


Difference is though, the Wii U launched with Monster Hunter in Japan lol. It'll be just fine.
-Mika-  +   992d ago
Japan is a handheld country. They will most likely buy MH3U for the 3ds instead of a WiiU for obvious reasons. Most of those sales most likely came from bundles.

Not too long ago, the 360 had it own MH game. The last time I checked, That console didn't exactly fly off the shelves in Japan.
chadboban  +   992d ago

Alright let me just get one thing straight right away. In Japan the game is called "Monster Hunter 3G" on 3DS and "Monster Hunter 3G HD Version" on Wii U. In America and Europe the game is called "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" for both Wii U and 3DS versions.

Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS was released in Japan in December 2011. So chances are, anyone who wanted the 3DS version has already bought it. Also the the Wii U and 3DS versions are cross compatible so some people may buy both versions. I kinda wish they had a cross buy feature like Sony does with alot of it's Vita games but this is CAPCOM so we know that's never going to happen.
MegaLagann  +   992d ago

360 did have a Monster Hunter game, only problem is it was an MMO. Japan hates MMOs, even when it's a big franchise like Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest. So point invalid. Besides that, it doesn't matter what system it's on, handheld or console, it's Monster Hunter, it will sell at least one million units in it's lifetime.
boybato  +   992d ago
yup, at 160k MH really did help a lot.
iNathan  +   992d ago
Great Start for Wii U
Lets see how it holds up.
Sizzon  +   992d ago
That is great sales for the Wii U and of course Mario U :)
1upgamer99  +   992d ago
Those are pretty good numbers for a launch, Software wise.
MegaLagann  +   992d ago
Really good start for the Wii U. Launching with Monster Hunter, Mario and a Dragon Quest X beta pretty much solidified the Wii U being a success in Japan. Some people mentioned that the Vita had an impressive first week sale figure when it launched in Japan, but the very next week it dropped faster than a bag of hammers. Luckily, the Wii U has Monster Hunter and Mario plus Dragon Quest X coming in March. The system will be fine in Japan. Now in Europe that's a whole different story...
corrus  +   992d ago
Only 10,000 Zombi U and again Mario is 160,000 and after that Nintendo want third party games
ozzywazzy  +   992d ago
The wii u is turning into a disappointing mess. Third party will be quick to drop support and in no world will it sell even remotely close numbers as the wii. Pity, how Nintendo has fallen.
ronin4life  +   992d ago
For being a 3rd(5th if you count portable 3rd) iteration of a several years old game, MH3GHD did quite well.

But go ahead and focus on the niche western Zombie game at the exact launch of a new console as being an indication of the entire future of the wiiu...

Edit: there are some more numbers here:
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MegaLagann  +   992d ago
10,000 for a Western game is pretty standard in Japan. Batman Arkham City on the PS3 only sold 11,000 copies in it's first week in Japan for reference.
xflo360  +   992d ago
wow! actual intelligence! on n4g! well i never!
millzy102  +   992d ago
erh monster hunter is third party and first person games, especaily western never sell well in japan.
quantae06  +   991d ago
3rd party exclusive to Nintendo systems though.
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wiiulee  +   992d ago
the wiiu wasnt even on sale for a full weekend....and it sold that much...so in essence considering the higher price, economy and all the lies and negative press from haters...and the bad commercials from nintendo then wiiu is in reality selling better then the wii, when things are set right wiiu will be in the front to stay

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