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Examiner.com Review: Far Cry 3 proves to be best shooter of the year

This is not just any vacation to a tropical because this game is filled with terror, this is full of madness, this is filled with insanity, and this is "Far Cry 3." (Far Cry 3, Xbox 360) 5.0/5

Hasanhastam  +   1086d ago
It really deserve i played 7 hour and rock island is really huge with amazing visuals
MurDocINC  +   1086d ago
I'll drink to that.
Loki86  +   1086d ago
rook island?
BananaEatingSquid  +   1086d ago
I always hear about Vaas, and I'm really excited to see how awesome he really is... but what about Hoyt? Is he terrifying?
ab5olut10n  +   1086d ago
He's a wicked huge asshole.
Kinger8938  +   1086d ago
Well deserved, i dont think im alone when i say i was suprised when i saw the first reviews, after farcry 2 left a sour taste in my mouth i hadnt followed this at all and that actually made it better! No idea what to expect and im really enjoying it
felidae  +   1086d ago
best shooter ... maybe yes!

for me the best game overall is Zombi U ... everyone should play it. i've never played a game so intense since the first RE.
josephayal  +   1086d ago
GOTY 2012

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