GDC08 exclusive: Mova brings lifelike motion capture to Unreal Engine 3

Traditional, point-based motion capture (the kind brought to you by guys in black suits with reflective balls) has been great for developers that want to capture basic skeletal motion for their in-game characters. But for realistic facial work, even setups with hundreds of reflective dots leave developers with rough, blocky data that requires a lot of post-production work to even start approaching the uncanny valley.

Enter motion capture company Mova, whose Contour Reality Capture system uses an array of cameras to create 100,000 polygon facial models that are accurate to within a tenth of a millimeter - no special reflective balls required. At this year's GDC, the company is trying to attract the game industry's attention by unveiling examples of their facial modeling running in real-time on the popular Unreal Engine 3. Continue reading for exclusive, real-time video of the technology and excerpts from an interview with the Mova founder Steve Perlman.

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decapitator3260d ago

Damn... The future of gaming looks really bright. Wow, and all of that is real time ?!?! Amazing stuff right there.

f7ss13260d ago

yeah thats pretty good stuff, but i wanna punch that guy hes really annoying

decapitator3260d ago

lol Yeah and it was funny as well, I was expecting some guy to be screaming. But nonetheless, it looked very impressive.

PS_Family3260d ago

Heavenly Swords facial animations pwns this.

cyclindk3260d ago

Exactly, it's about subtlety; I'd like to see how well their facial animation tech works on subtle emotions not that cartoony over-exagerated stuff.

Blabbermouth3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Uncharted is very well done too. With the games that are out at the moment I say the Sony games defiantly have the best facial animations(heavenly sword,uncharted).

But yeah Heavenly sword is very well implemented(you really feel the connection between the two characters, actors did a good job?),I recon better than Uncharted, even the demonstration video. I'd say that these two games are using the same or the very similar technology as the demo.

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SRuN43260d ago

A bald man in a UE3 demo? Who would of thought?! lol

Seriously, it looks good though.

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The story is too old to be commented.