Energy Hook Debut Trailer Shows Intense Action and Thrills

Ian Fisher writes: Teased over the last few months, Happion Laboratories founder Jamie Fristom is finally ready to unveil Energy Hook to the masses. Drawing upon his background working on the Spider-Man games for Activision, in which he created the legendary swing mechanic for Spider-Man 2, Energy Hook involves players swinging around a futuristic city in a way similar to arcade sports games such as SSX.

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Muffins12231784d ago

Better than anything you have made...

Knight_Crawler1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Looks like Atari Spider Man but worst.

Hope at least one person buys it so the developers break even.

Edit: See video for proof.

rpd1231783d ago that all you can do in the game?

ab5olut10n1783d ago

seeing as how spiderman 2's swing has yet to be topped, i'll be watching this closely.

1783d ago
r211783d ago

Reminds me of Gravity Rush :) Always looking forward to new games.