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New Mass Effect Could Take Place Before Trilogy

NowGamer: Executive producer Casey Hudson asked fans if they'd like to see the new Mass Effect take place before or after the trilogy. (BioWare, Mass Effect 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1180d ago
I think it should take place after the events of Mass Effect 3
Lucreto  +   1180d ago
It should but with all the decisions over the last 3 games getting them to work in a new story can cause problems.

I would like it to be set between ME1 and ME2 during the period of Sheperd's death.
Jinkies  +   1180d ago
I hate prequels, keep that stuff for spin off games or other types of media like novels/comics
Bercilak  +   1180d ago
I'd like to see Bioware produce a new IP.

Oh, wait. EA owns them now.

Ah ha ha ha haaaa! New IP. I slay myself sometimes...
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AbyssGravelord  +   1180d ago
How original, a prequel after a trilogy. Now I've seen it all!
jb1276  +   1180d ago
I would like to see something after the events of ME Trilogy - maybe bring back some of the story that had to do with dark energy and even resurrecting the Reapers (ironically) as they are the only ones that can stop it XD - but realistically I think they should just do a MMO that takes place right after ME3 and the game could unfold as the Relays are rebuilt and even though the reapers may be gone, the thorian and rachni have shown that there can be other "monsters" in the dark

I also remember a "derelict reaper" from ME2 that was in a battle 37 million years in the past (if memory serves) which could mean that the reapers could have traveled to other galaxies by now or had a few still in dark space... so all the reapers wouldn't have to be gone necessarily
sjaakiejj  +   1180d ago
That would be pretty lame.

No, I'd prefer it if the game took place after the events of the ME trilogy, but it has to have a different enemy than the reapers.

It was even suggested in the Mass Effect 3 ending that the reapers had been gone for a long time.
pandehz  +   1180d ago
Oh come on, have some balls and continue the series.

Show us where things go, and what else is there in the vast universe.

If not go for a new IP, prolly need more balls and brains. Lately they've lost both
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PtRoLLFacE  +   1180d ago
fuk that i want see how the galaxy is evolving after they defeated the reaper, no mass relays, basically back to the stone age in a sense, why is that the galaxy in the game seems to be the only galaxy in the universe, where there are billions, could the same thing be happening in another galaxy, i don't want to see kid Shepperd when he was not a badass, unless we are talking about Anderson story then maybe, but still i want to move to future not the past!
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Eldyraen  +   1180d ago
Personally I think they have 2 potentially great possible timeframes. The first is naturally post-Reaper and how all the different factions either grow or fight during chaos that war brings with it. New divisions are always created in top of the old.

Secondly would be a prequel which, if they went that route, should take place during early years of Human's arrival and either during or right after Turian-Human War. It might not be as epic as reapers but it could be a cool time period to explore, especially if they added more ME1 influence (which I doubt will happen).

I have no clue where they'll take it or even what I'd prefer but I just love the different races and setting and hope they don't ruin the franchise at some point for the sake of sales. The first time I played ME I hoped it would sort of then into a gaming "Star Wars" (but quality controlled... a worry that has only grown due to EA buying and Drs leaving).
rainslacker  +   1180d ago
Why not do both. Have a games who's plot jumps between two different time periods and the things you do in the past effect the future plot. It'd be good to explore some of the lore of ME, and also good to show the after-effects of the reaper war.
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portugamer  +   1180d ago
I've spent like 300 hours on me2 and 3. And with me1 coming soon, for the ps3, I will start the whole trilogy from scratch: another 150-200 hours.

Bioware, I simply loved mass effect. Gunplay is perfect,for me. Graphics are excellent. Ai is great. Our 2 companions are really useful. Weapons are great, as are the upgrades. Missions were great and different, each time. Voices and dialogs are excellent. Music and sound effects are great.etc etc.

Really, mass effect are the games I will want to play, even in 20 years. Never did I feel like when playing me: its like I'm the actor, and I can sculpt the whole story.
Can't wait to discover the first mass effect title :)

All this to say: bioware, just give me mass effect 4, find a way to bring back Sheppard, or someone else, and make a game 3 times bigger than me3. Keep the same gunplay, add some new teammates, give us 50 new weapons, make a huge skills tree, with 20 different upgrades for each weapon.make 20 new races/enemies, for example, if I want to go to the planet x33, I need some upgrades on my suit, the small spaceship needs some upgrades to be able to penetrate the atmosphere, and I need to buy some special weapons, and need to find some required materials on other planets, to be able to build some special ammo, because on planet x33, there is an hostile race, with some powers, and without that ammo, we can't even scratch them.

For example, this would lead to more exploration, needing more ways to make money, needing some partnerships with y12 race, that can sell us the A10 alloy, necessary to make the little spaceship equipped to go to the x33 planet...

Sure, this is only an example among 10000 I could give to bioware, so they make a freaking +300 hours game. Sure, there would be the main story, but you simply wouldn't be able to progress, because you would need to do sooo many things, buy soo many things, visit so many planets, with many side-quests in the side-quests... Several small spaceships to buy,earn, upgrade, so we can land on many different planets with different atmospheres. Suits upgrades. Weapons upgrades.ammo upgrades. For example, cryo, fire, and 20 more different ammo.

Bioware, contact me, and I will spend the next month, and will give you many ideas and a whole story, for mass effect 4 :)

Anyway, just like uncharted, no matter what it is, if it has uncharted or mass effect, on the title, I will buy it day one. Promise me you will make mass effect 4,5,6, I will give you the money tomorrow, even if they get released in 5 or 10 years.

Yeah, I look like a retarded little girl, but I really love the mass effect world. This game was, for me, a true masterpiece. With a few flaws, sure. But still a masterpiece. No gamer in the world should skip the mass effect series. But be careful, there is a big danger, of becoming hardly addicted.
mananimal  +   1180d ago
Its over folks, Bioware is dead...Drained of its Life force by the EA Reaper.


If theres any talent left in the Bioware Studio, lets seem them try an Establish an Identity of there own by creating a New IP. But they wont, why? becuase there is no more meat on the bones of Bioware's Corpse, was plucked clean by the EA Reaper.
Lucreto  +   1180d ago
Well it is difficult to continue after the end of ME3. There are 4 drastic endings to the game and you have to plan a story around all these choices and all the other choices in the games.
blax24  +   1174d ago
mass effect 4 should take place either before or after me3. it should be multiple story lines with each one being a different race if possible. it should keep the ability to have romance with any character in the game but should have more involvement or effect the story line in some way. of course more awesome guns and upgrades for armor and whatever ship your in. it should be a long campaign much longer then the others.

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