New Mass Effect Could Take Place Before Trilogy

NowGamer: Executive producer Casey Hudson asked fans if they'd like to see the new Mass Effect take place before or after the trilogy.

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NYC_Gamer1888d ago

I think it should take place after the events of Mass Effect 3

Lucreto1888d ago

It should but with all the decisions over the last 3 games getting them to work in a new story can cause problems.

I would like it to be set between ME1 and ME2 during the period of Sheperd's death.

Jinkies1888d ago

I hate prequels, keep that stuff for spin off games or other types of media like novels/comics

Bercilak1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I'd like to see Bioware produce a new IP.

Oh, wait. EA owns them now.

Ah ha ha ha haaaa! New IP. I slay myself sometimes...

AbyssGravelord1888d ago

How original, a prequel after a trilogy. Now I've seen it all!

VanguardOfCalamity1888d ago

I would like to see something after the events of ME Trilogy - maybe bring back some of the story that had to do with dark energy and even resurrecting the Reapers (ironically) as they are the only ones that can stop it XD - but realistically I think they should just do a MMO that takes place right after ME3 and the game could unfold as the Relays are rebuilt and even though the reapers may be gone, the thorian and rachni have shown that there can be other "monsters" in the dark

I also remember a "derelict reaper" from ME2 that was in a battle 37 million years in the past (if memory serves) which could mean that the reapers could have traveled to other galaxies by now or had a few still in dark space... so all the reapers wouldn't have to be gone necessarily

sjaakiejj1888d ago

That would be pretty lame.

No, I'd prefer it if the game took place after the events of the ME trilogy, but it has to have a different enemy than the reapers.

It was even suggested in the Mass Effect 3 ending that the reapers had been gone for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.